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Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I don't expect them to address it. He's been in Torchwood too.

Freema Agyeman was in the episode pretty much right before she was introduced as Martha, and it was simply explained as her being a cousin.

Amy was in the Fires of Pompeii too and that was never addressed.

I think it's a different enough role, and he'll likely look so different to how he did in it, that it won't be mentioned.

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

Freema was in the Cyberman episode 'Army of Ghosts' with Rose.

Karen was in 'Fires of Pompeii", as was Peter Capaldi.


I don't really see any problem with this, as long as it doesn't mess up the characters.


I didn't realise Freema was in a previous episode until Army of Ghosts was on TV again!!


I'd like to know everyone's favourite episodes!


Mine is 42, mainly because the number is so important Smiley Happy

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I liked how you've asked my favourite episode MAJORminor because I actually have a favourite episode for Tennant's era. It will be "Gridlocked" I absolutely love the scene when the highway opens up and sunlight falls through for the first time in 24years! It was so Liberating!!

I am yet to decide on a favourite during Smith's era. Still (slowly) watching the episodes on DVD.

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

Hey guys, i saw this blog and i had a fan-girl moment. though i've only recently started watching Doctor Who, with David Tenant, I'm in love with it!


Just a question in which season was Sarah Jane Smith introduced?


Re: Whovians, UNITE!

Sarah Jane was introduced in classic who, (ie the 1963-1989 run) with the three doctor, not sure of season though sorry!!!!

So many great episodes to choose from (and I love 42 and gridlocked so much! Interesting that they are both Martha eps, she was also a great companion, and had so many great episodes) my favourite episode is probably from the smith era, the doctors wife. I just loved the character of the tardis, and loved how she wanted to explore the universe and stole the doctor to do so. I also love bad wolf, and really any episode that makes me cry)

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

I convinced a friend to start watching Doctor Who yesterday. He claims to really like it. Smiley Happy

Also, how are we feeling about the new announcements about the 50th?

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

Regarding the 50th anniversary episode - I am sad that Matt Smith will regenerate in that epsiode.

@Hollowcat, I can't remember which epsiode Sarah Jane returned to join the 10th doctor. I think it was near the end of Martha's season.

I started watching Game of Thrones too. Plenty of DVDs to go through!

Re: Whovians, UNITE!



Which character is the scariest in Doctor Who so far? 

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

My gf has seen only two episodes of DW and decided she didn't like it because she found the daleks really unnerving.


I think the angel statues are probably the scariest for me.

Re: Whovians, UNITE!

To every Whovian out there, the 50th Special is coming up really quick!!


Only 30 days, 3 hours and 11 minutes!!!


I am so excited but am struggling to decide whether or not to go to the cinemas to watch it.


I am also wondering if anyone is planning a party or anything?

I mean, the 50th episode is a really big event for all whovians, so why not have a party?!


Also, the 50th special TRAILER is out already for anyone who doesnt already know!


Until next time,


MAJORminor Smiley Happy