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Would you like to hear a story?

Can i tell you a story?


warning its not a nice story but you may read it if you want..


Once upon a time their lived a pupet..the puppet was beautifull with white hair and looked like an angel..but on the inside the puppet was broken...its heart already a million shards it no longer felt emotions because it had sadness upon itself so many times it lost the capacity to even feel sadness it has been mistreated and used for so long it was slowly breaking apart


One day when it was walking down the street it finaly caved in, the puppet collapsed on the street people walked past it and lt suffered in silent agony...


Than something diffrent happened one day a old pupeteer found the puppet collapsed in the street..he heard its silent agonising scream's and felt its suffering..the pupeteer gently picked up the puppet and took him home.


At first the pupet was scared of the old man no one was supposed to hear its felt like it was meant to suffer alone...


The pupeteer asked whats wrong?


The pupet exclaimed "im broken"


The pupeteer made a promise that he would fix the broken pupet piece by piece...


The pupeteer was kind to the puppet he offered trust and companionship...words the puppet had never even heard of...


Though the pupet tried to convince the pupeteer that it was broken and that it should be left alone the pupeteer never left the pupet alone..he held it when it cried he listened to it when it was angry...he stopped its suffering...


Little by little the pupeteer fell in love with the puppet.but the pupet did not return his feelings for the puppet was incapable of returning his love because the puppet was cold...years passed and the pupeteer was getting older the pupet never aged a day..


Finaly the pupeteer passed away....with his love ignored...


Are you curious to what happened to the little puppet?


The puppet realised after the pupeteer passed away something the puppet had loved the pupeteer all this time but because it had never recieved love and kindness before it hadnt learnt what love was....the puppet realised it was to late all those years spent with the pupeteer would only be a distant memory...


Authorities arrived at the pupeteer's place years after his death and what did they find???


A broken pupet that's life had long since passed...lying on the counter had died of a broken heart...with only a singular tear shed for the pupeteer one last thankyou for the small gift of happiness and kindness that the pupeteer had given it...the smalll puppet had finaly smiled......


Sometimes you dont know what you lost until its gone by than its to late......


The end


Did you like my story???


Sometimes i wonder....wether it was a story in my head or a distant memory...maybe im the pupet or maybe the pupet is everyones regrets....who know's????maybe this story means nothing at all.....


I ask you a question now in fact ille ask two:

1. who do you feel more sadness for the pupet who felt no love or the pupeteer who's love was ignored.

2.what is your respone to my story i want to you deeply feel.


Re: Would you like to hear a story?

please....i would be really grateful if you spread this around....

Re: Would you like to hear a story?

Hey @LovelessBoii 


You're right it is a bit of a sad story but i think the sentence that you used at the end about not knowing what you have until its gone is spot on in terms of what it means.


I think that maybe sometimes we all have moments where we can feel how this puppet does, but this story helped me to remember that there are people around me that care and love me and want to be there for me, and I am even yet to meet some of these people... they may be just around the corner like the puppeteer was.


The pupeteers persistence and unconditional love made me think that maybe he wasn't sad, that the most important thing was taking care of the puppet even if he didnt recieve anything in return. The puppet was broken, as the story said but I think that little smile makes me feel like the puppet did feel a little hope in the end.


I like that in the end of the story the puppet was able to realise this and hopefully it found a little peace. I think this story is quite powerful so thank you for sharing it.


Re: Would you like to hear a story?

i like u...your an interesting one your answer intrigue's me...very much so thank you for listening to my story....

Re: Would you like to hear a story?

I think the lesson I get from it is that sometimes the most important lessons are the ones hardest learned.

Or, to put it another way, sometimes we have to lose a lot outside ourselves to gain a lot inside ourselves.


Nice little story there, @LovelessBoii !


Re: Would you like to hear a story?

thankyou very much...