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Write a Haiku!

Everybody! Let's write some Haiku poems! Smiley Happy
Can be about anything you want, no matter how weird, deep, inspirational or random! 

Here's one to start us off!

Sitting on the couch

Watching the trash on TV
My feet really hurt

Re: Write a Haiku!

My sister singing


Tears flowing in my eyes

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Write a Haiku!

Ahhh~haikus. Haven't written a haiku for such a long time! This'll be challenging~



Chocolate rainbow

What a sight to be seen here

Diabetes, no!

Stay excellent

Re: Write a Haiku!

Freshly changed bed sheets

Smooth to touch and warm to lie

Time to go to sleep


Smiley Very Happy

Re: Write a Haiku!

My heart beat quickens
A sinking in my stomach
I need to calm down

Re: Write a Haiku!

It is summer now

Hello sunshine and warm nights

I've missed you a lot.

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Write a Haiku!

Need to clean the room
Dust is hiding everywhere
Time to get scrubbing