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Write a poem! (Here's mine)

Hi all! Smiley Very Happy


I enjoy writing poems and was wondering who else enjoys doing this? I know that some people don't like to share their work but if you are someone that does then I'd love to see it! Smiley Wink


Here's my poem.

Confidence Galore

Man’s best invention

This bubbly concoction,

A few times too many

Now it’s an addiction.

You just need a little

To talk to that girl.

Not too much or

It’ll make you hurl.

Easy, easy, you still

Want to be able to walk

Why are all these people

Starting to gawk?

All you were doing

Was admiring the floor.

Now you’re basking in it

Confidence galore!

“Hey, that’s a nice rack

You have there.”

You get a left hook to the nose but you don’t care.

The music gets too loud but you’re much too proud to leave.

What are all these cards doing up your sleeve?

You lose your balance in the loo and head butt the wall

It’s even a struggle just to get down the hall

Your head is pounding

And you start to sweat

Tonight a bloody nose is all you’re going to get.

It all becomes too much

You have to leave this bar

Now you have your keys

You’re heading for your car

Out on the street lights flash red, blue and white.

“Good evening officer, isn’t it a lovely night?”

I'd love some feedback on it!




Jackie Smiley Happy


Re: Write a poem! (Here's mine)

That is so great! Way better than any of mine, I'll have to find them and then I'll post them Smiley Happy

Re: Write a poem! (Here's mine)

Thanks N1ghtW1ng. I'd love to read one of yours though! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Write a poem! (Here's mine)

JackJackJackie, what a lovely poem! I really like it, it flows so well Smiley Happy *High five* I find the ending funny and it paints a really good picture of events that may happen afterwards. Your poem painted a very clear image and plot line of events. Soo Good Smiley Happy


N1ghtW1ng, I'm sure you're poems are great too! I'm keen to read one of yours too! Smiley Happy


So I looked through my writtings of poems, I found some I wouldn't mind sharing, I'm caught between two so I'm going to post them both Smiley Happy They were both written about a year ago - January 2012 apart 10mins apart actually! How's that for timing? I think I should get back into writting more?




I said I loved you,

I meant every word,

I meant it every time,

I sit here now,

I still love you,

For you were one to not judge

You took me as I was,

For what is our friendship now?

Is it something to throw away,

To abandon and to let die?

I think not.

The tears, the laughter, the late night chats,

The animal noises and names.

The memories plus the photos,

It wouldn't be right to let it all disappear,

To let time go to waste.

To want to forget years of happiness

That held me together through tough times.

To forget what we shared, it'd be a heart ache

Fighting with you is less than desirable,

I feel as though I've lost my best friend.

For maybe I have.

Is this all in my head?

Is there something we aren't sharing upon each other?

I said I loved you.

I meant it every time.

I still do, I love you for you.

You took me as I was.

Now we've grown and moving on with our lives,

There is still a chance to sort it all out.

There still is hope that tomorrow we'll we back together.

Laughing till our stomachs hurt and we can't breathe.

For I know this isn't the end. People fight. It's not the end.

For the end as we said would be till we die.


The unknown of the clouds.


When the rain falls from the sky,

It take a long unknown journey,

What would it be to fall from the clouds above.

So high in the sky only visible because of their huge size?


I lay here tonight, I wonder what it might be like,

To actually touch a cloud.

Would it be soft and fluffy as depicted in movies and cartoons?

I wonder if it'd be lumpy, if it'd be like cotton wool

Or maybe it'd be wet, could it be soaking wet? Like water?


To sit on a cloud way up there in the sky, imagine the view,

Would you even be able to see everything like we do here on land?

Would it be cold up there, I wonder whether I may need a jacket and scarf.


Thoughts ponder through my mind,

If only I had a way of reaching them.

To answer my eternal questions.


I've heard people say, that amongst the clouds god lives,

I wonder if this is true.

If I get there, could I meet with him?

Would I be allowed to come home?

Thoughts ponder my mind.


Clouds can be quiet scary sometimes,

I think I'd rather a nice white fluffy cloud,

Not a big dark grey one, with no softness in it's appearance.

Now I'm judging the clouds.

But isn't that wrong? To judge by appearance?

Still the white fluffy clouds look more inviting.


I'd love to visit a cloud one day,

If I had the chance, would you come with me?

We could make it an adventure, just you and me.

Together, on the cloud. An experience, one we'll never forget.

Would you come with me? I'd really like to go,

But even more I'd like you to come with.

I think I'd be magical

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Write a poem! (Here's mine)

I've got another, but it's a little upsetting in the sense that it's written on raw emotion, but if you want to hear that one then just say so.

But I have one just for this:


Learn how to fly

I learnt how to fly today.

I learnt how to touch clouds and chase after birds.

All while staying rooted to the ground.


I learnt how to breathe underwater.

I learnt how to create the beautiful colours of fish shining together.

All while staying miles from water.


I learnt how to glow like a star.

I learnt how to warm those around me and light up the darkness.

All while being cold.


And you were my teacher.

You taught me these amazing things.

Even without knowing how.


Because I feel like I'm free,

Nothing can weigh me down,

And I won't let anything weigh you down.


Because you are an amazing and beautiful person,

And you light up my whole world,

Like a candle in the dark.


I learnt how to fly today,

And I'll take you with me,

If you let me show you how.


Re: Write a poem! (Here's mine)

A different kind of four-legged food.

Why is it when the sun comes out, I say I'll get burnt?

And when it rains, I tell myself that normally I would.

All I want to do is walk 5 minutes to the park.

The one just down the road.

Maybe I'll just see if I have a new message.

Then after that, I'll get out of the house, I promise...

Like a lioness going off to hunt,

Eventually the pack runs out of food;

The need is greater than the excuse not to go.

Sure, I'd rather lie here, in the shade, and play with the kittens.

Maybe I'll wait until sunrise.

Then, the hooved food will be at the waters edge.

It will be cooler to run around as well.

But is my need for accomplishment greater than my sense of procrastination?

Am I hungry enough to leave the house?



Re: Write a poem! (Here's mine)


I tried to write something upliftinging once. This is what happened.


When the Sun First Rose (aka My Thoughts on Humanity)
Upon the darkened hill at night,
Glowed a orb, soft yet bright,
And men did cower at the sight,
As fear was playing to the light,
The light itself just laughed and smiled,
And glowed still brighter and even wild,
And spread the land with awe and might,
And made the men of fear and flight,
And as the men, they ran with speed,
The land did flower with new found seed,
And from the ground they sprang and grew,
And on the leaves lay drops of dew,
The flower that most caught the heart of man,
Was red, white, or pink in hand,
And chosen right smelled of sweet,
Scented, softest, richest elite,
This flower did charm the human heart,
And speared our feeling as a dart,
Taking us onto our Elysium,
Yet dividing us far from equilibrium,
Cowardly kings kept for only their queens,
And jealousy sprung in the hearts of the deans,
As demand for them rose, the gardeners chanced,
Take of the thorns? Oh! The hearts that they danced.
So as humans do, we all made the alter,
Not realising what we did was a falter,
And changed what we loved best of this world,
And in doing so, our true nature unfurled,
So we chop and we change, a little of this,
And we cut and we tare as we freely wish,
Killing our planet, killing our soil,
Freely diving into the pot to be boiled,
And when the Powers say it is time that we stop,
There will be nothing but our self-made boiling pot,
And in it we all will lie with great terror,
With no one to blame, for we are all standard-bearers.


Re: Write a poem! (Here's mine)

@GirlPentheus That's amazing! Seriously, wow.


I used to write a few years ago (when I was 13/14) but kind of stopped. I really should get back into it Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Write a poem! (Here's mine)

Thanks @lokifish. This is my other favourite one I've written. I hope you like it.


The Guilt of Men


Guilty men of shallow conscience,

Whose lives are sore and plain,

Would have you guess your sanity,

And have you dub them sane,


Guilty men of blackened heart,

Who stare at ember hearth,

And think their thoughts are good and right,

Their thoughts of ridden earth,


Guilty men of smaller minds,

Who split and label ‘wrong’,

Would make you stand at guilty justice,

And judge with happy song,


Guilty men of reddened eyes,

Whose single mind and heart,

Would send you back from whence you came,

They’d send you back and laugh,


Guilty men of quickened judgement,

Make matters culture, skin,

But know no pain or true, right justice,

Yet always seem to win,


Guilty men of feet of shadow,

Who taint an earth so bright,

Whose cups are full and conscience clean,

Despite another’s plight,


Guilty men of records clean,

Whose heart knows not warm blood,

Who are blind to hardship, despair,

But whose complaints do flow as floods,


Guilty men of whip lash tongue,

Too quick to insult others,

Whose chief crime is that of ignorance,

As taught by fathers, mothers,


Guilty men of guilty blood,

Whose faults perhaps aren’t theirs,

Whose fathers told them what to think,

To drive others to despair,


Honest men of caring hearts,

Must lay these stories plain,

And teach the broken Souls of Hatred,

We are but all the same.


Re: Write a poem! (Here's mine)

(I feel like writing a poem, so here goes)


Assault of the Tooth Fairy


The sun is out, and I'm indoors.

This is true for so many things in my life.

If I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't kiss her.

If i played sport, I would stay on the sidelines.

If I had a hammond organ, it would just collect dust.

If I had a pen, the page would be empty.

When I have the whole day to myself, I sit idle.

When I wake up, I just want to go back to sleep.

To be somewhere, anywhere, away from what I know I should be doing.

Who is it, that tells me I should go outside in the sunshine?

What is it that keeps me indoors?

Why am I so unhappy, that its even shining in the first place?

Why can't it just be autumn all year round?

Dark rainless clouds, and a cool breeze;

The sun, shackled. In chains.

Locked with a key I keep under my pillow.

As long as I stay in bed, no-one will ask me to make it shine.

If the tooth fairy comes to check under my pillow; I'll punch her in the face;

And say, "Get Lost. I don't want a reward, go back to where you came from."

And she would cry, and I would smile.