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Writer's Problems

Hi . I have always loved writing. I have stories I want to write but I have this feeling like I know what I want to write, I just can't get it down on the page. It's so frustrating.

Re: Writer's Problems

Hey @Clarke, from experience I would say that writing never comes out well when it's forced, so don't feel pressured to write if you're frustrated. I don't know if it's just me, but I have to be in a particular mood to write, and even then sometimes it's hard. I normally start by just writing things that come to mind, not really bothering about errors, because once you get started it often just keeps going. Have you tried waiting a day or two, then coming back?


And by the way, don't worry if your writing doesn't make sense to anyone but yourself. If you have a feeling of what to write, just take a moment to deep breathe and think, something will hopefully come to mind Smiley Happy. Even write about how frustrated you're feeling -- that may help you overcome that emotion.

Re: Writer's Problems

@Clarke that does sounds really frustrating! Having thoughts just out of reach is so annoying!
I like @unwind's ideas for just writing anything that comes to mind. I know i also find it helpful to draft outlines or brainstorm for what i want to write so i have something to fill in later when words have decided to return to me Smiley Tongue It's always so much easier said than done though! I don't blame you for feeling frustrated, writer's block sounds not fun :/ 

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Re: Writer's Problems

hey @Clarke writers block is super frustrating and annoying isnt it!

Perhaps a good way to get some thoughts and ideas for your wiritng is to write down some dot points. then you can expand on those as you get further ideas.
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Re: Writer's Problems

Ah yes, that wonderful feeling of writer's block Smiley Tongue How's it going @Clarke? Sometimes I try to find a prompt or an image to 'get me in the mood'
Good luck in your writing!

Re: Writer's Problems

Hey @Clarke! I like to write as well and can definitely relate to that feeling?

Have you listened to any podcasts on writing?

I've found that can be helpful for me when I'm struggling to get words down Smiley Happy

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