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Re: Writers Thread!

@mspaceK not really, I'm going through a drawing "phase" right now, so I'm doing that more than poetry currently. I seem to switch between them every so often for no reason..

Re: Writers Thread!

@Tiny_leaf That's still pretty awesome =) I go through phases of reading and watching shows and video games among other things all the time. I get what you mean. It's like you just gotta be in the right mood for something at any given time Smiley Happy  

Re: Writers Thread!

Dad. I want you to look at me. Truly look at me. What do you see? 

There's no answer. 

Dad? Can you hear me?


I'm trying, Dad. Every day. Can you see that?

Still nothing.

Dad, I think about when I was little...when we used to make those milkshakes together. Do you remember?

No response.

I do - you always let me press the buttons. But not for too taught me about the pulses, the right speed. I can see it so clearly!


I'm pulsing, Dad. I'm spinning and spinning. Someone's pressing the buttons this time.

There's no sound. No voice. No acknowledgment. Nothing. 

I'm out of control, Dad.


Help me. 



Re: Writers Thread!

Love this thread @Hozzles!!


I'm currently working on two different novels (although not so much since uni went back) and am trying to write in my journal everyday! Smiley Happy 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Writers Thread!


There's a young girl sitting alone in her room. She is up against the wall with her head resting between her knees as she rocks slowly back and forth. A soft thumping sound seems out of place when her back hits the wall. It's mixed in with the sound of her sobs even though she tries desperately to keep the crying in. Everything feels wrong and out of place. A complete juxtaposition to the perfectly kept room. A bed with neatly dressed sheets and matching pillows fits nicely in the middle of two evenly positioned bedside tables. There's a photograph on the far right one. A picture of a happy couple and beautiful smiles as they wrap their arms around each other. A memory of a beautiful day captured in a moment in time. Moonlight streams in through the open window lighting up the picture and a soft breeze makes its way towards the young girl. She shivers as the breeze finally reaches her and she looks up to remember that she forgot to close the window again. Sighing, she untangles herself and stands. As she walks towards the open window, the light from the photograph catches her eye. For a moment she stops and stares at the picture, then shakes her head and continues towards the window. She's there. The young girl begins winding the window back in and once she is done, she rests her head against the glass and slides down the wall clutching herself and crying again. She looks up to see the picture again and the sobbing becomes stronger. Memories of a time once gone consume her. That girl in the photo, although the splitting image of the girl crying on the floor, is not the same girl. Not anymore. As if reaffirming this belief, the young girl reaches up and grabs the photograph pulling it towards her. She looks at it one last time, takes a deep breath and then throws it as hard as she can against the wall on the other side of the room. The glass shatters with a loud bang. A tare appears on the photo. There's nothing anyone can do to fix it now. There's nothing anyone can do to fix the broken girl. 


The damage has been done. 

Re: Writers Thread!

@mspaceK - Thanks so much for sharing! It's always awesome to read your work, and it makes me really happy I started this thread so you can do so! Smiley Very Happy Also, a big thanks to you and @Tiny_leaf for your advice, I know just something on the paper is better than nothing at all (and nobody will read/ judge my first drafts, anyway!). I'm hoping I can get back into it again. Heart

@letitgo - Yay! Smiley Very Happy What are your novels about, if you don't mind me asking? Again, I always love seeing what other people are working on and the little worlds they create! 

Re: Writers Thread!

Thank you @Hozzles .


I had a really weird adventure type dream last night and now I can't remember what is was about. I just remember thinking that that would be great for a story idea.....but not it's gone. *cries* haha - hopefully it comes back to mind. 


I have about 4 different stories that I started with full on plans for. I have been having a break from it all though. I haven't had the focus and motivation much recently. I do like writing though so that may be a good distraction. Most of mine are about psi fi, magic and adventure with mystery and betrayal. 

Re: Writers Thread!

Her name was Polly Taylor. People admired her spirit and courage because she was always so positive. Every day she would come to school with a smile on her face and her laugh would make others smile, no matter how they were feeling. She seemed to be a really happy girl with so many aspirations; be a doctor, be an engineer or a teacher or a singer. There was always something on Polly's mind, whether it was a story or movie she'd heard about, you would hear about it too because that's what she would do..include others and tell a story. No one could take away the joy and excitement when she started telling a story. It was like the world would light up in those moments in time. 


But there was one story Polly never told. A story that involved the type of secrets people don't really like to talk about. And this story was important. This story had meaning. It was a story about a girl who so desperately needed help and no one could see. There were little signs here and there but people were oblivious. How could a person who seemed so happy and successful be holding on to so much pain? No one knows what happened to make the girl change.  No one saw the pain inside or the suffering. No one did anything. And whose to blame? Is there someone to blame? Of course not. But what would happen to the girl?


What would happen to Polly Taylor? 

Re: Writers Thread!

There is a kingdom far, far away with a palace unlike any other. Turrets climb high into the clouds giving a view of all the lands out to the east and a beautiful ocean expanding the whole western border. Ships come with crates full of the most desirable goods. Many foreigners come for the taste of the kingdom's fruit, the best in all the lands. Everyone is kind and obeys all the laws. People have no reason to stray the path of goodness, the path of happiness and comfort. But like most stories, happiness always comes with a price and unfortunately there is sometimes bad fruit among the good. Unusual fruit, different fruit...outcast fruit. And what do people do with the fruit that doesn't belong? What should you do with the fruit that doesn't belong? Can it be fixed? Can it be saved? There are some people in the kingdom who believe that bad fruit should be destroyed, that the bad fruit is as a result of evil farmers wishing to poison the goodness of our land. Then you have the other side. They are called "the Others." These "others" believe that there needs to be a balance of good and bad, for without bad, there won't be any good. But where does this badness come from? Where does it originate and why on earth would anyone want there to be badness in the first place? Can't we just keep everything good? 


However, there is only one person in the kingdom who knows the truth. The truth that the goodness of the fruit is not what it seems. The good fruit is actually poison because it is blinding people to the fact that we need some bad in our lives to move forward, to grow and to learn. When people eat the fruit in this kingdom they forget themselves and their emotions. Their emotions are in fact fake and automatically generated. People aren't being who they are supposed to be. They are robots because the rulers of the kingdom are too afraid to let in any darkness. The sunshine is so strong in this kingdom that people have lost the ability to have hope and faith.


You might be wondering who I am or why, if I know these things, why am I not doing anything? Why don't I tell the people of the kingdom that they're under a spell? Because.. well, I'm under a spell too. But mine is different. Mine is the keeper of knowledge, the keeper of stories. There are those who a fighting to restore the balance to the land and maybe one day, they will prevail. For now - let us remember that happiness can be picked out even among the dark fruit of this just need to know where to look...




Re: Writers Thread!

Thanks, @Hozzles! The first novel is about a young woman who meets hr childhood best friend on a cruise ship. And the other is about a young woman who spends a year in a town in Belguim which has a really progressive approach to mental health.

I've also just started a short story based on the fact that my brother's school was evacuated the other day - I love how unexpected events can turn into story ideas! Smiley Happy  

// Spiral outward, keep going. //