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Writers Thread!

Hey everyone!
I couldn't find any recent threads on writing, so I decided to create one! Smiley Very Happy

I'm very passionate about my writing, although recently I haven't been writing that much. I'm constantly creating stories/ characters in my head. My biggest problem is getting my ideas onto a page (or word document) without perfectionism taking over. I usually like to write novels (though I've never finished any) or short stories, and I like writing journals when I can. I keep getting ideas for some poetry but I'm not confident enough to experiment with free-form quite yet. Smiley LOL

All are welcome: from journalers to novel writers to poets! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Writers Thread!

Love this thread @Hozzles! Thanks for creating it Smiley Happy

You'll have to remind me later when my brain's working to come back and contribute something because I am a huge fan of writing! Even though I don't really write as much as I'd like.

Re: Writers Thread!

I am really happy that you made this thread @Hozzles . It was something I was thinking about making for a while but never got around to it, so thank you.


I really like to do journal writing. It helps to get stuff off my chest and express my thoughts in a safe way, rather than acting on them. 


I'm a huge day dreamer, always creating stories in my mind and going on adventures - usually fan-fiction from movies, tv shows or books i've been reading/watching recently. I like to pretend I am a part of the world and what I would have done and change the endings and things like that. 


I also have several story ideas in my writing books that I have planned out and started writing, but just haven't fully continued on with. I get writers block often so I really only write when I feel like it. It is something I would like to get into more. 

Re: Writers Thread!

Love this thread @Hozzles! So great to have a space for writers to chat and create!

Re: Writers Thread!

This thread is such a good idea! 😊

I use short free form poems as a weird form of journal writing. They're probably terrible, but I always lose my train of thought with normal journaling, and for some reason the rhythm of poems seems to keep me on track better. I'm at the point now where when I try normal journal writing it slowly turns itself into a poem somehow...

Re: Writers Thread!

That sounds cool @Tiny_leaf Smiley Happy the only sort of poem writing I come up with would be for song lyrics if I feel like it. I haven't written a poem in a very long time. 

Re: Writers Thread!

I look over the ocean and out into the horizon. What I see does not make sense. I expected to see the beginning lights of dawn, the beautiful pinks and orange of the morning sun. But something is wrong. There are no pretty colours today. 


A feeling of dread and impending doom comes towards me. There is nothing I can do as the water begins to crash and churn. Even the water is trying to escape. Escape what? I don't know. 


I look around again as I feel a shift from under my feet. I am no longer standing on the cliff face that bordered the beginning of the ocean. What is happening? Panic starts to build within the pit of my stomach as I float towards the crashing water. 


No. Please not there. I begin clawing at the air in my attempts to grab onto something but it is futile and ridiculous. I look around and scream for help, "HELP ME." But no one is coming. I turn my head back to in front of me and notice that the horizon is changing. A great big wave of darkness is coming closer and I hear a voice. Quiet at first and then louder..


"Come to us, child. It is time to face your destiny. Join the darkness as it was intended." 


Invisible hands are now pulling me at a faster pace. The water is so close now, my toes brushing the surface as I fly towards the wave. Splashes of water hit my face and run down the back of my spine. A piercing chill seeps through my body and I start to cry. I don't know where my tears begin or whether it is just water from the ocean. It does not matter. 


Suddenly I come to a stop and everything goes quiet. I close my eyes and pray that this is just a dream. A cold frost begins to encircle me and I feel my legs slowly begin to sink. The first touch of water is cold as ice, enough that I start shivering. I think of my shoes, where did they go? I'm naked now. 


Slowly, ever slowly I am pulled under the water...


The last thing I hear is a strange but oddly comforting voice..."now, child, you shall sleep." 



Re: Writers Thread!

@mspaceK  wow. 

That is some seriously skilled writing. 

You had me on the edge of my seat. Amazing!

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Writers Thread!

Thank you @gina-RO .

Re: Writers Thread!

Yay, I'm glad you all like this thread! Smiley Tongue

@mspaceK Yay -- thank you so much for sharing! Amazing! I hadn't even thought of sharing so well done for being brave enough to post! Heart

So, the TV show/movie GR last night really inspired me and got me thinking about the kinds off characters I/ other people like. For me, the story starts with the characters -- I usually get the idea of a character first, then build the world around them (I don't really write fantasy/ sci-fi that often). I try to make them as multi-faceted and human as possible and then decide what is the story they want to tell. It sounds weird but so many of my stories haven't worked because I found it doesn't really fit the main character's passions/ what they would want to do/ the story they would feel is the most important. Unfortunately I make too many characters and have a lot of 'homeless' ones with no story to go into at the moment, hahaha.