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Re: Writers Thread!

I haven't been in this thread forever!

@mspaceK - Amazing as always, thanks for sharing! Smiley Very Happy I love the imagery! 

Late replies, but... Smiley Tongue
@Tiny_leaf - Wow, I feel the same way about my characters! I've had a few that have just taken over the entire story. Like, who do you think you are, side-character? Smiley LOL

@N1ghtW1ng - Yay, I love hearing other people talk about their characters! Trans representation in fantasy stories is something I'd definitely love to see more of! 


Re: Writers Thread!

@Hozzles you might like this site then:


Re: Writers Thread!

I just saw this thread and I think it's such an awesome idea! I love writing and I haven't really had a place to share so I thought I'd put a poem up that I wrote last week!


Forgotten by Time:

In a small grey hand,

Over yellow, dust land

Is a tattered memoir

By a people from afar.

Of a time long ago

That was lost in the snow,

Of a world full of trees

That burned to its knees,

Of tribes from before

Who were always at war,

Of song and dance, stories and trust

All faded away, lost in the dust.


Some remnants still stand

Raised from the sand,

Towering glass and soaring beams

Pass the girl as she dreams

In this place, from this time

With its own ancient rhythm and rhyme

And as she walks, she feels their lives

A part of their story briefly revives..."

Or so it was said in another old tale

Of a girl and her book, on a shelf, turning pale.


Re: Writers Thread!

Waiting waiting, always waiting,

what will I do when the time is done,

i hear a voice,

a whisper,

no sound,

come forth and show me what to do,

how will I know which path to choose?


Time is shifting, memories forming,

racing heart and breathing shortening,

what will happen upon pain and death,

or will there be light shining up ahead? 



Re: Writers Thread!

[R] What am I doing?

For no good reason at all,

I'm writing haikus.


Here's another one.

Or's it just a new stanza?

We may never know.