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Re: Writers Thread!

@mspaceK definitely. 


Also, I'm feeling brave. Wanna hear some of my writing? (fair warning though, it might be awful.. I can't really tell with my own stuff)

Re: Writers Thread!

Absolutely @Tiny_leaf . Only if you feel up for it! 

Re: Writers Thread!

@mspaceK here goes:


Diamond-sharp air

Slides into my lungs,

Scented with eucalyptus

And fresh snow.

Encased in ice,

The mountains stand still;

Though the wind reveals its shape

Through the swirling patterns of snow,

Dancing with a freedom

That I can't help but envy.

Re: Writers Thread!

Wow @Tiny_leaf . I haven't read a poem in a really long time. Thank you for sharing that. There are some underlying themes there. Did you just make that up or have it written elsewhere? 

Re: Writers Thread!

You're welcome. Smiley Happy And I have a whole heap of poems that I've written, I think that one was from a month or two ago.

Re: Writers Thread!

Wow @Tiny_leaf! Thanks for sharing! Smiley Very Happy

Sorry in advance for bringing negativity into this thread, but I've been having a really hard time with writing recently. I almost feel like I've forgotten how to write. Perfectionism is so bad sometimes that just writing an essay or something feels like pulling teeth. All I want is to be able to enjoy writing again because I love everything about it. Does anyone have any ideas or tips to help? Smiley Sad

Re: Writers Thread!

@Hozzles thank you. Smiley Happy


One thing that I do, which is probably a little weird but it works well for me; is to write something purposely terrible. The clumsiest piece of writing I can possibly do, the kind that primary school English teachers probably have nightmares about.



Because after I've written that, it reminds me that nothing bad has happened, even after birthing one of the worst pieces of writing that I possibly could; nothing went wrong.

The Gordon Ramsey of literature doesn't appear speechlessly shaking his head at me, the FBI doesn't burst through the door and confiscate all writing implements. (though I'd kinda like to see that in a sketch type thing...)

It all turns out okay.

And that kinda reassures me that no matter how my writing turns out, no harm will be done. I can give it my best go and if it doesn't work I can just get rid of it and try again.


Plus the terrible writing is actually weirdly fun..

Re: Writers Thread!

That's exactly what I was going to suggest @Tiny_leaf . @Hozzles . My English teacher had real trouble getting me to write essays in school under 'tests' because I would freak out and completely mental blank.  Everything I wrote sounded terrible and I couldn't put any words on the paper.  I would spend an hour sitting there staring at a blank piece of paper. My problem was that I was trying to write perfect. I would think of the same sentence for the same thing about 20 different times. So my teacher said - "I don't want to see anything written well..I only want to see poorly written writing and Lots of it..." 


I am a perfectionist as well and this was such a bizarre concept for me. But I started writing with the thought of "I know this is terrible but it is better than nothing and when I have time after I get the main parts out, then i can go back and edit." 


The other thing too is that if you write crap but get the general story gist down then you can use that as a foundation and then you can come back to it when you're ready and it could spark other ideas to get you going. 

Re: Writers Thread!

@mspaceK that's how I write my poems.

The anatomy of any poem I write is 15% original words that I kept, 5% words that I added in proof reading and 70% random phrases that I threw in there to see how they sounded and later removed. 

An art teacher of mine said that the first line you draw rarely ends up in the final piece no matter how good it is, which can also be used for writing. 

Re: Writers Thread!

It's pretty cool how things all come together @Tiny_leaf . Have you been doing much writing recently? I have been thinking about doing some writing to take my mind off stuff and also just for fun because I like it. I've been daydreaming though which is also fun.