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Re: Writers Thread!

I haven't been in this thread forever!

@mspaceK - Amazing as always, thanks for sharing! Smiley Very Happy I love the imagery! 

Late replies, but... Smiley Tongue
@Tiny_leaf - Wow, I feel the same way about my characters! I've had a few that have just taken over the entire story. Like, who do you think you are, side-character? Smiley LOL

@N1ghtW1ng - Yay, I love hearing other people talk about their characters! Trans representation in fantasy stories is something I'd definitely love to see more of! 


Re: Writers Thread!

@Hozzles you might like this site then:


Re: Writers Thread!

I just saw this thread and I think it's such an awesome idea! I love writing and I haven't really had a place to share so I thought I'd put a poem up that I wrote last week!


Forgotten by Time:

In a small grey hand,

Over yellow, dust land

Is a tattered memoir

By a people from afar.

Of a time long ago

That was lost in the snow,

Of a world full of trees

That burned to its knees,

Of tribes from before

Who were always at war,

Of song and dance, stories and trust

All faded away, lost in the dust.


Some remnants still stand

Raised from the sand,

Towering glass and soaring beams

Pass the girl as she dreams

In this place, from this time

With its own ancient rhythm and rhyme

And as she walks, she feels their lives

A part of their story briefly revives..."

Or so it was said in another old tale

Of a girl and her book, on a shelf, turning pale.


Re: Writers Thread!

Waiting waiting, always waiting,

what will I do when the time is done,

i hear a voice,

a whisper,

no sound,

come forth and show me what to do,

how will I know which path to choose?


Time is shifting, memories forming,

racing heart and breathing shortening,

what will happen upon pain and death,

or will there be light shining up ahead? 



Re: Writers Thread!

[R] What am I doing?

For no good reason at all,

I'm writing haikus.


Here's another one.

Or's it just a new stanza?

We may never know.


Re: Writers Thread!

I know it's been a while since anyone posted here.

Anyway I got bored a whileago and wrote a poem about being queer. It's probably not very good but I got the urge to share it anyway. 


If everyone's heart has a song,
Then ours sing
With a different tune,
With our own beat.


We are the songs
That were cut short
By the ones who understand
Only thier own rhythm.


We are the songs
Who silenced ourselves,
To escape the world
That tries to drown us out.


We are the duets
Sung quietly in the shadows,
Where we will not be heard
And where we cannot be silenced.


We are the songs
Drowned out by layers of pink fabric;
And the songs who would sing more truly
If we were the ones wearing it.


We are the wispered melodies,
Muffled by the closet door.
We are the shared harmonies
Who clothe the streets in rainbows.


We have our own role
In the music shared by all hearts.
The song would not be complete
If we all sung the same part.


Re: Writers Thread!

I do find writing to be quite enjoyeable, and I do courses at uni, but one of my favourite past times is making poems out of Elton John's songs e.g. here's a poem out of some of my favourite Elton John songs: 

Reality it seems, was just a dream but I was just a kid, rolling through the hay like a puppy child. I took a chance, and changed your way of life, now the wind has changed direction and I'll have to leave. But the biggest kick I ever got between you and me I could honestly say bopping in the country, fishing in a stream. I got a taste of love in a simple way right between the eyes And I think it's gonna be a long long time for just a skyline pigeon lying here with no one near. 


Re: Writers Thread!

Here's a poem I wrote a few months ago about how I feel about this pandemic. I'm a bit spontaneous with the rules but I like to record my thoughts exactly as they are Smiley LOL


We’re finally living in a time


We’re finally living in a time

When technology is seen as beneficial

Because thanks to it we have iPads to get the kids occupied

Laptops to help you stay organised

And right now it’s the very thing that connects people


We’re finally living in a time

When animals cross the streets and swim in high tides

As we hide safe and sound behind building blocks

Nature thrives


We’re finally living in a time

When soap and sanitisers are worth more than gold

As people fight to buy more, hoard more

Despite all the morals they have been told


We’re finally living in a time

When being healthy is the pinnacle of existing

Forget about being wealthy

As we’re all just trying hard not to become individually extinct


My friend, you and I

We’re finally living in a time

When we’re all connected as we’re in this together

As we look forward to a future where everything is fine


Then what

Are we going to take a look inside so deep



The most important things that we actually want to keep

Before we head back to the race that sucks us in even when we sleep


Yes, we’re finally living in a time

When life offers you and I, a chance to fix what we’ve caused

And one day we might look back and be thankful

That today, we were given a brief pause.


Re: Writers Thread!

Hey everyone, does anyone feel like they have all this time to write since quarantine, but also experiencing a total lack of motivation and creativity? 

I was writing a lot at the start of this year, but now I rarely do and I hate mostly everything I write. It's just strange. Like now would be the perfect time to really get into writing my story and doing more poetry and all that, but I just feel like that part of me is kinda empty right now.

Sorry, I don't mean to down the mood btw lol.


Re: Writers Thread!

@indieinsanus yesss me too! I have ideas for what I wanna write still but I can't get the words out and if I do I don't like it. I think it's normal, when people get stressed it's hard to get that creativity flowing properly. What usually inspires you to write?