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Yoga as therapy (specialised program)

Hi guys,


I'm new here but have been reading for a while. I signed up for a new program that is a cross between yoga and group therapy. It's basically a very gentle and approachable kind of yoga that incorporates techniques for helping people who are suffering from trauma (like child abuse, domestic violence, other abuse...)


Has anyone tried it?


I live in Sydney and apparently it's quite new here. This program starts in late May but they're still gathering interest. I would really really like for it to take off. So I'm posting to see if anyone else is interested.


I'll be participating so this is definitely not advertising for them or anything. I just read a lot about trauma and therapy, and know that it's a trustworthy way of helping people process what they've gone through without having to talk it all out. I know that for me talking is sometimes mindboggling and hard to deal with. This lets the yucky stuff metabolise and process biologically, helping the whole process along, even as you do talk therapy as well.


I can post some background info too if you like, and I can pass on what they send me. As it starts in May there's only a few weeks left, so I just really want to see it happen. It's been met with great success in the US and I think it's much-needed in Australia (and Sydney).


Please reply here if you're interested or know someone who may be interested. It'd be great to get to know some of you.


Thanks Smiley Happy








Re: Yoga as therapy (specialised program)

Oh and I'd pass on their details directly but there's not really a website for it at the moment. It was personally recommended to me, but I can ask if I can pass out their email or phone number. 


Re: Yoga as therapy (specialised program)

Hi Aren… welcome to Reach Out!


Just a quick heads-up: I had to edit your post to remove your email address as we do not allow people to share personal information here. You can check out our community guidelines to see what's cool and what's not cool when posting here. Smiley Happy


That aside, this yoga/therapy thing sounds interesting and I'm sure others here might be curious about your experiences with it. Once they get a website up, it'd probably be okay to share that here too.

Re: Yoga as therapy (specialised program)

Oh sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know Lex.

I'll share more info as I get it, but let me know if anyone's interested. Otherwise I'll leave it be Smiley Happy


Re: Yoga as therapy (specialised program)

This sounds awesome. I do yoga multiple times a week and it really helps me.

Do you have a pamphlet or brochure, or something? I'd like to know a bit more of what they're about etc.

Re: Yoga as therapy (specialised program)

Hey sagira Smiley Happy


It's based on a lot of the established methods of sensorimotor psychotherapy combined with what yoga can offer. The link goes to the institute that brings body-oriented work into psychotherapy, and it's pretty well-established. And I know about it from my therapist.


The Trauma Centre in the US brings it to the yoga population. I think this course will be similar to that, even if on a smaller scale. It is basically a modified form of yoga that focuses on processing trauma and gently being aware of what we need, in contrast to more rigid and/or competitive practices of yoga that sometimes occurs. Its instructors bring a certain set of skills to it, and they tend to be psychologists as well as yogis.


I can show you the websites of the people who will be running it, if that helps. To be honest I find a lot of 'healing' websites to be a bit fluffy and vague so I was reluctant to link it before... but you might not mind Smiley Tongue


Nancy - mindful yoga


Sue - psychotherapist


Amanda - awareness counselling and shiatsu

I found her LinkedIn profile too in my own research:



Anyway I'll have more info next week. I hope that I can suggest to them to offer a try-out session or something. I just wanted to find a few people to say "ok we're interested" Smiley Happy


Re: Yoga as therapy (specialised program)

Feel free to contact Sue about this if you like. I'm just hoping to gather a few people but you can just enquire yourself, and I'm sure that she'll be more than happy to answer any questions. She'd be able to tell you about it more than I can.