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Your three greatest things

Hi everyone! How are you?

What are the three greatest things that happened this week?

For me:
1. The weather has finally turned to Spring, and it is so glorious to be out in the sunshine; walking, gardening, yoga-ing and listening to the birds.

2. I inspected a house today, which was pretty darn cute. It needs a lot of work, but it's exciting to think about taking steps towards owning a home.

3. I was barista-ing at work the other day, and a customer made a comment about the prettiness of my latte art Smiley Happy



Re: Your three greatest things

Georgie! What a great idea. I have the best 3 things!

1. I was able to find the inner strength and courage to write a letter to a teacher who wanted to know why I was upset explaining it to her. AND I then managed to go and talk to her when she saw me and asked to come and talk! Smiley Very Happy Feeling urber proud of that!

2. I got through my Group Performance for Drama today. We had our marking today and it was sooo good! The markers were really nice and they got all our jokes. It flew by and I played my character so well. I deffinately owned the scenes I needed to. I'm urber proud of how I went today with it Smiley Very Happy

3. I had a meaningful convo with a friend who I've been fighting with recently. I think we understand each other a lot more now. We have come to share some deeper thoughts without really mentioning them. It was a really good bonding sesh we had and really made me appreciate the friendship we have. Smiley Happy I feel better for making the effort the past week to try and regain communication.

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Re: Your three greatest things

1) i finished 4 assignments this week that were stressful and hard 

2) i have a week off to catch up on study 

3) i get to go to the zoo tommorow 


Re: Your three greatest things

1. handed in a group assignment. YAY - so time consuming though 

2. did my in-class test and i'm surprised how much I remembered. (repetition works great for memory) 

3. hung out with a friend I havent seen in a very long time and had waffles Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: Your three greatest things

1) Finished and submitted two assignments. Wooo!

2) I've been going for walks with friends everyday, which has been really lovely.

3) Spent the weekend hanging out with friends, baking, painting and playing in the sunshine.


Re: Your three greatest things

@gail - number 3 sounds wonderful!

The three greatest things that happened this week:

1. Finally got up to date with watching my uni lectures online. Yay!
2. Cycled in the sun to a cellar door nearby on saturday afternoon, then cycled home at sunset. So beautiful.
3. Had the maddest party with my two favourite people. There was so much dancing and eating picnic food by a bonfire. (Three is definitely a party by the way Smiley Happy )

Re: Your three greatest things

Although the week's only half over, I'm gonna do this anyway Smiley Very Happy


1. Re-read my favourite book for some inspiration, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. For anyone here who needs something uplifting, get onto it!

2. Sent out emails to some academics who do research that I'm interested in, and have a potential opportunity as a research assistant over the summer Smiley Very Happy

3. Confirmed my availability/shifts to start volunteering with both Vinnies and the RSPCA. Smiley Happy

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Re: Your three greatest things

I am a material girl living in a material world, so let me be clear. My three greatest things are, not necessarily in this order;


1. My computer

2. My guitar

3. My scooter


That should clear things up a little better!


Re: Your three greatest things

the three greatest things about my week....


1. submitting my last every assessment for uni.

2. Taking a week of annual leave from work to - 'recoup' with no distractions.

3. I exercised everyday


Re: Your three greatest things

Three greatest things that happened to me this week...

1. Got to get to know some nice new people in my class Smiley Happy
2. Placement briefing got me super excited for my placement!
3. The weather is warming up!

P.S. Awesome thread idea Georgie! Smiley Happy