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advice? plz

i have a crush on my bestfriend (we are both girls btw) and shes made it obvious that she feels the same. 

when ever we hangout she always l flirts with me and acts like we're a couple holding hands and cuddling she will walk up behind me at school and wrap her arms aroud me and kiss me on the cheek. we are pretty open about our feelings toward each other. but then other days she will completly ignonre me 

i cant ask her out. i want to but my anxiety gets in the way. i want to be with her but dont want to compmise our friendship.  


im in love but dont want to tell her. 


any advice???

Re: advice? plz

Hey @rainbowpotato, welcome to ReachOut! Thanks for sharing your story here with us. It is really hard to make a decision on these sorts of things and it is really up to you to decide. You know the situation the very best. It sounds like you don't want to tell her or ruin your friendship which is fair because she sounds really important to you. It is a really hard thing to decide on and sometimes it can be about taking a risk. You could try following your gut instinct? You seem quite confident that she feels the same way too. I know that nerves still get in the way no matter what. If you do decide not to tell her, what are some ways that you can keep your mind off of it or manage just being friends?

Re: advice? plz

Hey there @rainbowpotato and a late welcome to the forums! Smiley Very Happy

What did you think of @Taylor-RO's advice? It sounds like you have a good thing with your friend, I don't really have a lot of experience with talking to people or flirting or anything like this. The one piece of advice I hear a lot and that I think is pretty good is being honest. With both yourself and your friend. 

Do you think you'd be able to ask your friend why she seems so cold on those other days? 


How have things been going this week? I hope you had a good weekend Smiley Very Happy

Re: advice? plz

hey, soo my friend and i haven't really seen each other this week, we are both pretty busy with family stuff, but randomly text each other stuff, paragraphs of rants and random photos that remind us of each (aka. bubbline fan art). 


im really grateful for all of the advice i've gotten. and definitely am going to try to talk to her soon about our relationship.


its been really weird not being around her everyday at school... lol i miss her 

Re: advice? plz

Hey @rainbowpotato, I had a read of your post and can see how confusing this situation could feel! I've definitely been in the situation of really caring about a friend in a romantic way, it can be so hard when you care about someone so much and can't see them!! I'm glad you and she have found a way to stay in contact while you've been busy. 


Best of luck talking to your friend about the relationship. We're here if you need to debrief afterwards or need any support figuring out what you want to say Smiley Happy 

Re: advice? plz

hi I saw my friend last night.... she is still beautiful, our friends sister asked if we were together my friend said that we were kinda together but not.. I just went red.


I've neve asked someone out that felt this way about... any advice as to what to say... helpppp

Re: advice? plz

Hey @rainbowpotato You're navigating this really well Smiley Happy Heart Asking someone out is really frightening because it puts us in a very vulnerable position. With a friend it's super hard too because it is scary to consider losing the friendship. I have been in this position as well with another girl (I am a girl) Smiley Happy So I feel you, and I have been through both scenarios of rejection and getting together. The key thing is that you feel supported and safe and loved, could you mock up here what you would say to her? Maybe write it out somewhere first so it seems clearer Smiley Happy 

Re: advice? plz

Hi umm so I saw her today. It was at first it one of the days where she doesn’t want me. Then we went swimming in our friends pool and spa she did something that i love she slid her foot against mine like our feet were kissing (although we never have). 


I want everything to work out but im also really scared about what will happen if we date; small town, cristian school, homophobic peers. 


She kinda said something similar today too (not nesscerly about me but yeah) 



Re: advice? plz

Wow it's exciting but very confusing hey? Have you chatted to any of the counsellors at Q Life? They're really good with these situations Smiley Happy You can chat with them confidentially here, or call them if you prefer (Until 10pm). @rainbowpotato

Re: advice? plz

Thanx I’ll check it out