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describe your ideal moment of peace

It could be anything. sitting on your bed, engulfed in soft blankets, window curtains drawn to reveal the ever expanding night sky, stars splattered in your vision, or perhaps your dancing in the summer rain as the sun sets, skin slick with the tears of the universe, sky erupting in rich colors of orange, pink and purple. Or maybe its rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody in your bedroom at 1 am, hair wild, eyes even more so, heart thumping in your chest with the untamed beat, maybe its observing the world from a spot nobody but you knows. Maybe its something small, maybe its something big. Maybe its just a moment of peace, when the weight of what you feel is lifted if not forever; but for a moment. We all deserve peace and happiness, and i promise you with each and every fiber of my being, one day you will feel it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow; but one day. 


Describe a moment of peace for yourself, wether you have lived it yet or not. =) Heart

Re: describe your ideal moment of peace

Hi @indieinsanus, what a great idea for a thread! Smiley Happy


For me, the ideal moment of peace would be when I was lying down, surrounded by weighted blankets and things I could hug. My surroundings would be nature with a great view of the ocean/city/country field - anything really. Heart And it would be made even more peaceful having a world where family, friends and all humankind can live together in harmony and love.

Re: describe your ideal moment of peace

For me, it would be anything in the quiet. Either laying on an inflatable mattress in my pool face down or ins quiet corner curled up reading with out any outside noise - Ahh, so relaxing Smiley Happy

Re: describe your ideal moment of peace

@indieinsanus what a great idea for a thread!


For me my ideal moment of peace would be out in the forest surrounded by trees, mountains and stars, breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of the forest. Internet and phone reception would not exist allowing you to revive, recharge and be grounded again. 

Re: describe your ideal moment of peace

 My perfect moment of peace would be

Sitting in my bedroom on the floor with my fairy lights on and a huge mug of ( we’re talking like a bucket a very large bucket) of tea im my huge knitted jumper with my playlist of relaxing music plays and rain is softly falling outside. Im home by myself and i just had a long ass bath. and i talking on the phone to my best friend she misses me and we make plans to meet up soon. 

Re: describe your ideal moment of peace

Absolutely love this thread @indieinsanus- such an amazing idea, thank you for starting it!


My ideal moment of peace is sitting on the beach with the salt air on my face and listening to the waves crash in front of me Heart


I also love the sound the rain makes on the roof at night and the smell of fresh rain Smiley Happy

Re: describe your ideal moment of peace

This is such an uplifting thread @indieinsanus - thank you!


My ideal moment of peace is lying in the warm sun on a sandy beach, drying after a refreshing swim in the ocean, listening to the waves, and the gulls, and the wind. 


Even just thinking about and describing this moment has brought me some peace! 

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: describe your ideal moment of peace

i agree with @Jess1-RO Smiley Happy

my ideal moment of peace is the sound of rain and the smell while snuggling in bed and everything is just perfect hehe


ahh so refreshing !! @gina-RO

Re: describe your ideal moment of peace

This thread is so peaceful!
I read through it while listening to Josh Groban "You raise me up" and it calmed me so much Smiley Tongue
I love hearing all the different things people love, for me, I've rarely been to the beach (being a country gal and all), but I love the sound of gentle wind and the rustle of the trees' leaves in the breeze! And I love hearing the birds chirp in the morning when I wake up! So peaceful! (except when I've had very little sleep Smiley Tongue )

I do remember a trip to the Sunshine Coast several years ago and I loved visiting all the beaches - they are all soooo pretttyyyy!!!!!! And the rock pools and it was just bliss staring out into the calm blue ocean Smiley Happy Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: describe your ideal moment of peace

The ideal moment of peace for me would be sitting on the balcony of my apartment in the morning with a cup of coffee whilst listening to some country music. This helps me to zone out for a while and live in that very moment Smiley Happy