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emergency contacts

hey i finished a youth work qualification and ive got heaps and heaps of helpful numbers for victoria and i just wanted to no weather i should put them all up and secondly if some of my homies from nsw , qld and every other state make a similar list

Re: emergency contacts

Hey switch


Probably email them to just to check whether they're okay to post (I imagine the RO crew will need to see whether they're legit). Should be fine but just in case!

Re: emergency contacts

Hey Switch! Awesome idea and yea as Gail said, the guidelines do say that any links to other orgs should be checked through us first, so awesome that you posted this!! if you wanted to email crew and then we can get a bit of a list happening - maybe on the tough times board "Getting Help"..

Nice one! Smiley Happy

Online Community Manager

Re: emergency contacts

hey sophie ill get this set up with in the next week i can only do victoria so ill try to get someother ya from different states on board im look at you all you workshop ya