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fictional band names

i do this with my friends all the time come up with fictional band names


the golden oaks

partical effects


feel free to add

Re: fictional band names

oh I've had one for ages even though my musical ability is less than zero, haha.

Heathen Profundity

I used it in a design project where I had to create a CD cover ages ago.

Re: fictional band names

Oh god... this brings back memories of the time my friend & I started a "band" in Year 7. I place the word "band" in talking marks as both of us had NO idea how to play the instruments we were meant to be playing, and we never actually wrote/covered any songs. So technically we weren't actually a band (so the name is fictional I guess)


But the name was just as bad as our musical ability. 'Blueberry B*tches.' It was an inside joke between the two of us at the time...

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: fictional band names

I'm really liking these band names so far.


I came up with one the other day when I realised that on a loaf of raisin bread it said 'raisin toast'. Bread isn't toast yet...


It's only 'Potential Toast'. (I know, it's pretty lame)

Re: fictional band names

lol - love it, Magga! I think things like that make the best band names Smiley Happy

Re: fictional band names

Butterfly Hotdog.
We shall play mathcore metal in butterfly outfits while eating hotdogs!

Re: fictional band names

Me and my friends in music class called our makeshift band "Toasted Oatmeal" for no apparent reason what-so-ever.

I like the "Golden Oaks" though, it's interesting.

Re: fictional band names

So the other day I was thinking, and then I remembered this thread (shows how random my mind is considering no one's posted in here for six months Smiley Tongue)


You know how metal bands tend to have weird names? I came up with another potential weird name for a metal band: Bad Breath.

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: fictional band names

whenever I'm describing an old school 50's style band and I can't remember their real name I always call them 'Dr Ventolin and the Inhalers'.

And then I laugh.

Smiley Happy

Re: fictional band names

These are all good names but some really amusing names that bands should call themselves are;


Wind (Hey, I was passing Wind the other day...)


That Band.