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fun questions !!

so lately @annabethxchase and i have been asking each other questions to help distract ourselves while feeling low Smiley Happy it's also a great way getting to know each other !! @gina-RO and i are currently brainstorming some things, and i thought why not make this thread since @annabethxchase and i are spamming chit chat heheSmiley LOL



1. you answer the 5 questions from the above user and then you ask 5 more questions for the next user to answer Heart

2. BE CREATIVE !!!!!!!

3. keep it light and easy going questions x


here's an example;

1. favourite animal ?

2. beach or pool ?

3. do you enjoy using the forums ?

4. IOS or android ?

5. least favourite thing to do in your spare time ?


now you can start !!! next user, start off by answering my above questions and then make up your own Smiley Tongue have fun !!



Re: fun questions !!

I love this @litgym, it will be such a great distraction for so many people Smiley Very Happy



1. My favourite animal has to be the koala, they're just so cute haha.

2. Beach!! I can't stand the smell of chlorine.

3. Of course, I love these forums so much. There's so much great support around here and it makes me smile. Smiley Happy

4. iOS any day (don't come for me).

5. Uhh... good question. I don't like having to do any form of school work during my free time.



1. What is one skill you want to master?

2. How many songs do you think you have memorised?

3. Favourite genre of movies?

4. What's one trend you can't stand?

5. Can you remember the first Youtuber you watched?

Re: fun questions !!

YAY @litgym! Now we can spam in yet another place!
1. Stand up paddle boarding! Smiley Happy I really love being out on the water with no one around and just at peace Smiley Happy Until a jet ski comes past and all hell breaks loose, waves topple me other and I fall in Smiley Happy
2. In terms of KPOP like a bajillion but I'd say a lot of Kesha's and Pink so I'd say about 20ish Smiley Happy Music is my jam
3. Easily Comedy and Drama, I love watching a good soap opera kinda thing and those 'I feel pain form laughing so hard Smiley Happy' ones.
4. Remember loom bands? Yep I hated them.
5. Hmmmmmm, maybe like as hardell?

Can you sing well?
Are you an extrovert?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Can you play an instrument? If so which one?
Do you like Christmas?

Re: fun questions !!


Re: fun questions !!

oooo i live stand up paddle boarding !!!! @annabethxchase 


1. nope !!

2. nooo way

3. hopefully alive, a mod and maybe studying or taking a gap year Smiley Happy

4. none hehe

5. no bahahahah 

most of those were no’s Smiley LOL


1. computer or phone ?

2. favourite place you have travelled ?

3. do you wear makeup ?

4. how many pairs of cute socks do you own ?

5. which clothing do you dislike most ?

Re: fun questions !!

1. Computer
2. Um, I haven't been anywhere.. maybe Byron Bay?
3. Nope
4. Like a bajillion they're very sentimental to me and kind of a part of my identity
5. probably crop tops because they're really uncomfortable and you only wear them to please others

1. Are you a restless person
2. Who's your fav band?
3. Do you like tie dye?
4. What's your fav place on earth?
5. Do you like oreos

Re: fun questions !!

1. Are you a restless person — Absolutely! I am nearly always fidgety and need to be doing something always else I start to go crazy.
2. Who's your fav band? — Tbh, I’ve never really been into bands. The best I can think of is The Vamps.
3. Do you like tie dye? — I like tie dye, but I can’t seem to pull it off!
4. What's your fav place on earth? — Australia? Haha idrk, I haven’t travelled much even within Ausland
5. Do you like oreos — I’d eat one or two, but I couldn’t eat any more than that.

1. Have you been overseas?
2. Do you like to swim?
3, What is your favourite aquatic reptile?
4. What is your most favourite clothing item in your wardrobe?
5. What is favourite quote of yours?

Re: fun questions !!

Re: fun questions !!

thank you !! Smiley Happy @Jess1-RO


1. yes, france & new zealand 

2. i like swimming for fun but i can’t do laps because i faint after Smiley Sad

3. oooo im not sure !


5. atm is it is “we’re all in the same game, just different levels 

we’re all dealing with hell, just different devils”


1. do you like horses ?

2. have you been to any theme parks ?

3. fav type of chocolate?

4. nature or city ?

5. least fav “trendy” brand ?

Re: fun questions !!

1. Nope, they're scary as hehe Smiley Happy
2. Yeah, I've been to all the ones on the Gold Coast Smiley Happy
3. Just plain or voilet crumbles Smiley Happy
4. Probably city, though nature is still very beautiful
5. Hmmm, Not sure...

1. Can you say 'She sells sea shells by the sea shore' fast ten times?
2. Cucumbers or Pickles?
3. What's your fav dog breed?
4. Are you a fussy eater?
5. What's your most irrational fear?