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Re: fun questions !!

1. I can't even say that fast once!
2. Cucumbers are infinitely better.
3. I'm not a big dog person, so they're all the same to me. Don't like pitbulls though!
4. Not really, I will normally eat the food even if I don't particularly like it. You can't make me eat quiche though.
5. Social situations? Smiley LOL I suppose heights.


1. What do you feel like for dinner tonight?

2. If you could plant a coral garden, what colour(s) would the coral be?

3. Have you ever seen a professional theatre play?

4. What's your favourite animated film?

5. In which month(s) do you think shops should or shouldn't sell hot cross buns?

Re: fun questions !!

1. uhh not really sure, not that hungry ! might have left over risotto Smiley Happy

2. ooo it would be some nice orange and pinks Smiley Happy

3. umm Ive seen a few musicals: mamma mia 2x and annie, not sure if that counts ?

4. OPEN SEASON 2 !!!

5. they should in march/april and any other month they shouldn't 


1. weird food combinations that you enjoy ?

2. fav Disney movie ?

3. fav CLASSIC disney princess ?

4. cutest animal that is small e.g hamster, rat etc

5. aircon or fans ?

Re: fun questions !!


1. weird food combinations that you enjoy ?

garlic powder on everything. 
veggie stir fry? garlic powder

rice? garlic powder
soup? garlic powder

garlic? garlic powder
(it's ok i have breath mints guys Smiley LOL )

2. fav Disney movie ?

i've got high school musical stuck in my head so high school musical!!

following zac efron GIF

3. fav CLASSIC disney princess ?


the little mermaid ariel GIF


but Belle gets an honourable mention because of her books!!!
beauty and the beast book GIF


4. cutest animal that is small e.g hamster, rat etc

hedgehog GIF

5. aircon or fans ?
airrrrcon! Heart

1. if you could, how many times would you eat pasta per week?
2. do you have a favourite type of tea/candle?
3. can you lick your nose with your tongue?
4. have you ever seen a koala in person? 
5. would you ever shave your head for funsies/fashion?

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Re: fun questions !!

1. None right now- I could have an eating disorder
2. If that means candle scent then vanilla
3. If I can use my finger to squish my nose down lower 😂
4. Yes they are so adorable!
5. No way! This hair is stayin

1. If you were the only human on earth, what would you do?
2. What is something you’ll never do again?
3. Favourite brand?
4. Favourite shop?
5. What is a risk that is worth taking in your opinion?

Re: fun questions !!

1. If I were the only human on Earth, I'd just do whatever I wanted when I wanted! I could literally do anything and not get into trouble! Pj days all day every day! I'd go swimming and stay forever Smiley Tongue 

2. Fall down a step and break both ankles AND my foot! 

3. I'm not brand picky Smiley Tongue

4. Same with shops, if they have what I want at a good price, I'm going there! Smiley Very Happy

5. oooh that's a hard one. We take risks every day, such as getting in the car Smiley Tongue but probably opening yourself up to new opportunities. Sure it might be scary at first, but it can be sooo rewarding Smiley Happy




1. What is your favourite hobby?

2. Do you have an idol? Who?

3. A dream you want to come true?

4. A funny story?

5. Do you listen to music or tv while on RO?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: fun questions !!

1. Gymnastics of course 😛
2. My idol is my gymnastics coach from last year. She is also a gymnast and she is very determined. She came back from a knee reconstruction and then competed level 9 and at the end of last year she broke her foot in 5 places doing her back sault on beam which she has been doing for years! 💪
3. I only have 2 dreams in life... first one is to move to Brisbane and work for kids helpline and maybe meet my counsellor 😄 and the second one is to make it to level 10 in gymnastics because my current coach told me that it is achievable and I am capable of making it that far!
4. Well I can’t really think of one right now but this is funny to me... so with our door, it’s a sliding door like one of those glass ones and I shut that door with the screen door and open one of them and my dog doesn’t know that there is a door still shut and he runs straight into it and it’s sooo funny(don’t worry it doesn’t hurt) but he falls for it every time! 😂
5. Yeah music! Kesha @litgym?😜

1. Sweet or savoury?
2. Ever been overseas? If so, where?
3. Coffee or tea?
4. Name a person you’d love to meet
5. With money are you a saver or a spender?

Re: fun questions !!

1. Sweet! Gimme ALL the chocolate Smiley Tongue
2. Unfortunately not yet. My partner and I have been planning a trip to NZ for about a year now but it hasn't yet eventuated haha
3. Tea, although tbh I'm more of a Milo person
4. Do they have to be alive? I'd love to meet Stephen Hawking back in his Cambridge PhD days. I'd also love to meet A. A. Milne, the author responsible for bringing Winnie the Pooh to life Heart
5. I'm a bit of both. I'll be stingy with some things and go crazy on others (mostly books and teddies Smiley Tongue)

Questions Smiley Happy
1. If you could have one thing delivered to your door right now what would it be?
2. Who's your favourite actor/actress?
3. Can you point your fingers and do the twist? Smiley Tongue
4. What's a goal you have for this week?
5. What's a thread that we should have here on RO but don't (yet)?
No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: fun questions !!

1. hehe is it possible to deliver a person ? heheheh @annabethxchase

2.JESSICA MARAIS !!!!! actually had a dream about her last night...

3. honestly I dont know understand this question hahahah

4. finishing a thread for RO !!

5. hmmmm, not sure, it would be great if we had more positive threads !


1. do you own any tangles ? if so how many ?

2. do you enjoy colouring in ?

3. Europe or America ?

4. your best dance move ?
5. worst sport

Re: fun questions !!

Nawwwww *faints of the overwhelming cuteness of that sentence* thank you @litgym Smiley Happy

1. Yes! 2 right now but hoping to expand my collection Smiley Wink
2. YEP!
3. Europe, duh!
4. Ummmmm idk I can't dance but my dance moves for 'dancing queen' are pretty good!
5. My worst sport? Cricket. I suck, badly lol. I'll tell a story later

1. Do you have any squishies?
2. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
3. Do you like seafood?
4. Do you have any allergies?
5. Have you been overseas? If so where?

Re: fun questions !!

1. Yes I love squishies!
2. Yes of course it does
3. Yummm
4. Nope 😋
5. Yes I’ve been to China once, Vietnam 3 times, Kuala Lumpur once, Thailand once and nah trang once

1. Do you have any phobias? If so, what are they?
2. Cordial or fizzy
3. Text message or call
4. Comedy or horror
5. Piercings or tattoos