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Re: fun questions !!

1. Do you have any phobias? If so, what are they?
Nup no phobias, just an enduring fear of spiders lol 
2. Cordial or fizzy

3. Text message or call
Text all the way! I'm a mite awkward on the phone Smiley Tongue
4. Comedy or horror

5. Piercings or tattoos
loads! fun fact i've had 40 piercings in my life Smiley LOL



question tiiiiiiime
1. if someone offered you $100 to eat a worm would you?
2. what's your favourite highlighter colour?
3. unlimited books or unlimited music?
4. climbing trees (safely Smiley Tongue) or going swimming? 
5. vampires or werewolves? or both? 

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Re: fun questions !!

omg @ecla34 !!!!!! 40 WOW, please explain this !


1. ew no

2. yellow or pink

3. unlimited music

4. going swimming

5. eekkkk i have no idea ! vampires ?


1. would you rather live in antarctica or the hottest country whatever that is hehe ?

2. favourite sport brand ?

3. do you like kesha? Smiley Wink

4. favourite kesha song hehe

5. if you won 1 billion dollars, what would you do with it ?

Re: fun questions !!

1. Hottest country
2. Lorna Jane
3. Yes thanks to you 😜
4. Praying
5. Save it so I can use it when I move to Brisbane to work for khl

1. What is your least favourite chore/ cleaning related thingy
2. What is something you’ve learned in the last week
3. Do you have any big/challenging goals?
4. Have you liked the egg photo on Instagram that just bet the record for the most likes?
5. Netflix or YouTube?

Re: fun questions !!

1. uhh picking up dog poo probably!

2. @annabethxchase IS BLONDEEE😱😱

3. to maintain my safety Smiley Happy

4. yes hahahahah

5. netflix by farrrr


1. if you wear makeup, favourite makeup brand ?

2. do you shop any fast fashion shops ? (H&M, Topshop etc)

3. do you like glitter/sparkly things ?

4. have you done back to school/uni/work shop ?

5. beach or pool ?

Re: fun questions !!

Your still so shocked @litgym Smiley Wink
1. Nope no makeup lol
2. um i don't think so, i get my stuff from markets mostly
4. Yep, been there done that!
5. Beach (though pools are good because there's no bluebottles)

1. Do you like dogs?
2. What's you favourite dog breed?
3. What's a weird talent of yours?
4. Have you read Harry Potter?
5. Do you like potatoes?

Re: fun questions !!


2. The big boys Smiley Wink
3. I can sing along to songs easily after listening to them for only a few times Smiley Tongue
4. Yep
5. They are the best foods.

1. How high can you jump?
2. Exercise, yeah or nah?
3. Someone is eating chips near me (they smell so good), do you like chips?
4. FOOD! Have a favourite?
5. Ever jumped out of a plane? (skydiving Smiley Tongue)

Re: fun questions !!

1. Pretty high, probably from netball..
2. yea-nah I don't know, its good for you and I do it a bit but not like the superhuman stuff hehe

1. Do you play any sports, if so which ones?
2. How long have you been on RO?
3. Can you do a handstand?
4. Rural or Suburbia?
5. Europe or Asia?

Re: fun questions !!

1. Yes, gymnastics, netball, basketball and I do this 5km run every Saturday at 9am
2. It says the 1st of January this year but I was here before Christmas so I dunno??
3. Yes I love handstands. My longest one recorded was only 19 seconds tho 🙄 I have done longer ones but I didn’t time those
4. I prefer suburbia
5. Asia! They had the best food!

1. White bread or wheat bread
2. Coke or Pepsi
3. Dinner or dessert
4. What type of phone do you have?
5. What weird food combinations do you enjoy?

Re: fun questions !!

1. White bread or wheat bread

whiiiiite bread!
happy bread GIF by Motiongarten
2. Coke or Pepsi
i would like both please if that's okay Smiley Tongue 

3. Dinner or dessert
Dinner all the way!! 

4. What type of phone do you have?
I believe it's a samsung, and yes i had to check Smiley LOL

5. What weird food combinations do you enjoy?

cheese and peanut butter is legit and i highly recommend it Smiley Very Happy 

peanut butter dancing food GIF by Eva


Question time!
1. walking barefoot on grass or at the beach?
2. what's your favourite flavour of jelly? (if you don't eat jelly, then flavour of icy-pole Smiley Happy )
3. do you prefer to hand write notes or type them up on a computer?
4. can you curl your tongue?
5. do you have any music guilty pleasures?


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Re: fun questions !!

Love the gif you used there @ecla34 !!! 


@Saltwaterdreamtime why dont you have a go answering @ecla34s questions, and then coming up with 5 of your own for the next person? 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here