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funny videos

ok you guys know the rules

nothing overally rude , racist or sexist heres a doctor who one have fun

Re: funny videos

Hey switch!


This is an awesome thread! Smiley Very Happy


I've got two videos!


> Barack Obama Singing the Pokemon Theme Song



> The Colours of Evil (this one's animated :3)

Stay excellent

Re: funny videos

This will always be my favourite funny video...


Never fails to make me laugh out loud!!!

Re: funny videos

Hey switch,

Questions You Should Never Ask a Fly Attendant:


I feel like this one is pretty relevant considering the amount of time on planes I've had this year Smiley Tongue

Re: funny videos

I am OBSESSED with this youtube channel, because I love this kid!



Re: funny videos

I actually love to create different types of video (marketing ones in general) thanks to different video creation software that are helping me to develop my skills. Also, I am inspiring myself by all the videos you have here - cute ones, funny and even dark ones. 

Re: funny videos

Re: funny videos

HAHAHAHAH @squiggly that was so great. They were all so cute but some so vicious, i loved it. I think Ziva was my favourite.

I was revisiting this classic last night