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ideas for a 21st party

Hey all


My 21st is coming up in a month and I need to get planning now. Problem is, I have no idea what to do about. I know what I can't do:

  •  party aren't happening at my place
  •  clubbing isn't my thing
  •  nothing involving family coz it just won't work out

I am cool with dress-ups but I have no venue in mind, some people just have dinner at restaurants, but which ones I am not sure coz I don't eat out much. I will like ideas like what you did in your previous parties no matter what age you were celebrating, just any ideas will be great!


Ready? Go!! 


Re: ideas for a 21st party

Yay 21!!!


Some of my favourite birthday parties have been those that have been a little bit different. 


1) High tea

- one of my friends had her 21st at a high tea place in the city. It was fabulous but it does limit your invite list to max 10ish and it is somewhat expensive. 


2) Drive in Movie

- This is great 'cause you can rent out the entire 'theatre' (carpark) and watch movies while still mingling with everyone there. Everyone just needs to bring their own chair 


3) Picnic

- Simple but often the most fun!!!


Okay i'm out of ideas Smiley Happy 


Hope you have a fab time whatever you choose to do!


Re: ideas for a 21st party

Maybe just go out for dinner or something? I did that for my bday this year and it was fun Smiley Happy I shocked everyone by dressing up as a fairy 


Re: ideas for a 21st party

Ughhh I've been trying to think of something too as my 21st is on November 1st. I was thinking maybe go out to dinner somewhere but I don't know where!

Re: ideas for a 21st party

Yeah just get the friends that you really care about and go out for dinner together. Then if you end up going out to a pub (or even a club!) afterwards you can. I think the key is not to build it up too much. The best parties are the ones that aren't planned. It's much easier to have fun when you have no expectations.


Or you could just tell your friends to organise something and surprise you?


Either way, don't overthink it - but have a great night!









Re: ideas for a 21st party

I'm having a bit of the same problem with my 18th, only my biggest problem is that no one wants you in their venue for an 18th haha.


Do you want something grown up or youthful?


If you think you would like a restaurant dinner then you could ask the people you'd invite what places they'd recommend, or just search around google for a favourite type of restaurant.


Are there any activities you think you might like to do? It could be something big like taking a hot-air balloon ride or a weekend holiday with a couple of people or celebrate at more 'normal' yet social place - bowling, drive-in, laser skirmish, karaoke, trivia etc.


For a dress up thing you could just plan a general day where you theme everything and see where that takes you.


Re: ideas for a 21st party

Hey all,


I know the stress - my birthday is next week and I'm trying to work out whether I can be bothered doing something for it or not!


Last year i couldn't be bothered so i just asked my friends around and asked everyone to bring their fav movie and wear their daggiest pj's!


I usually like the idea of going out to do an activity of some sort together - like 10 pin bowling, paintball or laser tag. There is also a really cool place in perth called Cafe Myriad - it's a board game cafe. you turn up and choose a game from their library of board games to play, it sounds kind of nerdy but i had so much fun when i last went!


You could try to google to see if there is a board game cafe in other cities/places or you could have your own board game night.




Re: ideas for a 21st party



Re: ideas for a 21st party

For cheap and easy venue's we hired a community hall for a mates 21st which worked pretty well as you can set up the hall accordingly to whatever theme you want.


I think for a 21st nothing beats a jumping castle! What better way to celebrate stepping into adulthood by hiring a jumping castle Smiley Happy


All that really matters though is that you spend the day surrounded by family and close friends.


@Dilz: Picnic I think is a fantastic idea. If you're around sydney try Homebush bay if not choose a some sort of park which allows for many possible activites such as rowing, bike riding, playgrounds, BBQ spots etc.






Re: ideas for a 21st party

hey michine, last year a friend did the church hall thing, tho the downside is her family have to cook/buy stuff (which i guess isn't too bad). But what am I do with all the people that are gathered in the hall? It needs games! What kind of games? 


Did you know the idea of a jumping castle did come cross my mind.


I remember someone once had their 20th at Homebush bay and yes it was a BBQ and yes her mum cooks well .