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introducing myself

I am a 55 year old lady that has the condition...Boarder line personality disorder...

I do cope pretty wellmost days and try very hard to see things in a good lightso to speak...i have attached a picture of myself and as you can see i ant that scarey...I also put another picture on hoping tp make you smile and laugh...hope to talk to you...kindness karen

Re: introducing myself

Hi @kazza crispin 


Welcome to It is great that you are managing your day-to-day activities. I know it could be hard to see the positive side of things when life gets tough.  Here is a fact sheet on how to build better coping skills should you need it. 


Thanks for the cat picture. It made me smile.


Just a side-note, is aimed at 14-25yo, so some of the contents you find may or may not be relevant to you. However, you are more than welcome to access the info provided on 


We are here to listen if you need to talk Smiley Happy 

Hope you are well.