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languages practice thread

so @MB95  gave me this idea but I thought it could be cool to have a languages practice thread where we can practice any of the languages we are learning. If you can speak/read/write in the same language as someone else you can reply to them otherwise you can just say whatever. I guess it would also be nice to provide a translation for people and maybe the mods lol. anyway this is open to anyone who enjoys learning languages or who is learning one for school and wants a space to practice. 



Translation: today i watched a japanese movie then i had pizza for lunch. after that i practiced japanese on duolingo.   

Re: languages practice thread

Okay this is FREAKY!!! 


I was legit just going to suggest this to you!!! Great minds think alike!! I'm so excited for this thread!! I learnt some Irish and German a while back.. will have to try remember it and share some phrases!! 😍


Now.. if I could write back in Japanese I would and I would say... 'I LOVE pizza, what kind of pizza did you have?' (There ya go @Eden1717.. Another one for you to switch into Japanese for me!) 


That must be one of the hardest languages to learn, I mean look at those letters!!! 😲

Re: languages practice thread

@MB95  lol it is quite hard it has 3 alphabets so reading a writing is pretty hard.  irish and german would be cool to learn. 

ok to translate that back it would be 


to which I would answer 


(i ate Hawaiian pizza)  

Re: languages practice thread

Super cool!! How long have you been studying Japanese? 


I'll have to dig out some of my Irish and German and forgot I did Indonesian in school for like 4yrs too! 


Also, I LOVE Hawaiian pizza!! Who ever said pineapple doesn't belong on a pizza?! Totally does!! 


Anyway.. what do the numbers look like in Japanese? 

Re: languages practice thread

@MB95  I have been learning Japanese for 10 years lol and I did indonesian for a year lol but i dont remember much at all. I am also studying 2 other languages but not formally right now. 


the numbers in japanese are the same as the numbers in chinese but they are said differently. 

Japanese:                    Chinese (sound):

1 = 一 ichi                    yi   

2= 二  ni                      er

3= 三  san                   san

4= 四 yon/shi              si

5= 五 go                     wu

6= 六 roku                  liu

7= 七 nana/shichi      qi

8= 八 hachi               ba

9= 九 kyuu                jiu

10= 十 juu                   shi


Re: languages practice thread



Translation: today I went to meet a friend. it was fun! after that i went home. at home i did some cleaning, studied and watched TV. now i am tired but i feel good. tonight, even though i am tired i have to do some cooking. 



Re: languages practice thread

salvete @Eden1717 et @MB95!

utinam linguam latinam bene dicam! sed non diligens ignava sum... eheu!

(hopefully) translation: Hello Eden1717 & MB95! I wish I could speak the latin language well! But I am lazy not diligent... alas!

Re: languages practice thread

@Lost_Space_Explorer5  Lol Latin looks difficult to pronounce.