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Re: let's be friends!

hi underachievers (if you understand the reference you're a legend and if not i don't mean it i apologise: ain't i the best at making first impressions?)

im jared, im 19 and i never ******* learnt how to read

but in actuality, im fieldboy, im actually a girl, 15 and bored. im italian, indonesian and chinese and i been dancing (ballet, tap, kpop whatever) and kicking butt (ju jitsu) since i was 5. also, sorry i just saw this thread. pretty geeky, webtoons is a crucial part of my staple diet. also, songs and music is life. i play cello but it's not as cool as it sounds because i make people's ears bleed.

thank you for listening to my ted talk xx

Re: let's be friends!

@ruthxxx idk if this tagging thing works haha im new to this site. but if you see this 'affection - between friends' and 'boys in bands - silver sphere' are really good in my opinion idk if thats considered indie pop but oh well. and also, ive heard of euphoria, is that the coming of age sort of series with zendaya in it or am i wrong??

Re: let's be friends!

Hey @fieldboy !


How's it going?

Re: let's be friends!

Hey I’m maeve and I known a lot about euphoria the tv show it’s a coming of age drama but if anybody wants to know more follow Jenifer Morrison in insta she made a lot of posts about it 😊👍👊

Re: let's be friends!

Heyy I’m very new to this too

im 19 F

 I love anime, manga, art And music etc , I’m in vic and I’m hating quarantine right now Haha

hmu if you’re into those thing let’s be friends Smiley Happy))

Re: let's be friends!

Hey @tooturnt and welcome to ReachOut! 

Thought I might point you towards some threads that are related to your interests- I am sure you will find friends here to help beat the isolation boredom. Here's a few:


  • We have a bunch of threads around sharing your interests and hobbies
  • This thread here is about sharing your fave tv shows and movies, so if you want to share you fav anime shows I know our community will love them
  • Music is a big favourite for the forums, you can post here to let us know what music you are listening to at the moment. We even had a live discussion about music here in June!
  • The community art thread is one of my favourites, I will tag you in it so you can meet other fellow artists!

Hope this gives you some starting points!

Re: let's be friends!

Of course darling we can X