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I want to know you're top 4 Favorite songs or a song that gets you through you're hard days. ! (:

Re: music

Hey @Mari13 


Music questions always stump me! I like lots of different genres so it's hard to me to pick a song that makes me feel better when i'm feeling down. Sometimes it will be a slow, sad-ish song (like something by Bjork) and sometimes something upbeat (like JayZ)!


Check out this post we have from one of our other users on music!


There's this one about songs for bad days:


And there's also this one from Jay ( @j95 ) about some of his facourite tunes:




Re: music


Awesome post XD


I have been feeling all 'emotional loopy' these days and this song helped me recover - there's more but it's too much, it's take me 10 hours to list all my songs that help me feel better Smiley Wink