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pets are great.:smileyhappy  Smiley Happy

they calm us down and they cheer us up

they can de stress us and can be there to talk to, but they dont talk much.
some pets can be seeing eye dogs, or sniffer dogs, and some pets can be trained to detect if we are going to have a heart attack.

but all in all pets can be our best friends 

do you have a pet? what are their name(s)?

why do you love them?

Re: pets

A lizard! Mr Gustieyre, or Goosh.

I love him, but I would like something fluffy.

Re: pets

Used to have a cat called Misty, but he got sick and died Smiley Sad
I loved him because he was adorable and fearless and had an attitude (a bit like me!)

Re: pets

I have Kashgar and Cadbury (both are chocolate Labradors) and Nimbus (my perfect little kitten). But they are at home and I am at uni and I miss them more than any human.


Now, at uni, I have Google, he is a fish. He is hyperactive. Smiley Happy

Re: pets

A big fat tortoiseshell cat called Harley. I love her because she hates everyone but me. It's a nice ego boost hahaha.

Re: pets

Oh I could talk about this topic all night Smiley Happy haha

I have a fabulous 11 year old golden retriever called Milo. He's amazingly loyal (even if he is a bit of a wimp) and is always there to greet me with a wag of his tail when I get home from a long day at uni!

Re: pets

Molly! My baby Smiley Happy she's a cavoodle.

Not only is she gorgeous, she never judges. Get angry with her and she'll always be there with a lick and a cuddle when I need her.


Re: pets

I have a cat called Simba who is very naughty heis ginger and white.

I also have two dogs Rosie who is a Maltese x and a staffs x whippet called Sheba

I also have a bunny rabbit called snowflake who is a Lop dwarf

And a turtle called Casper.... Smiley Happy

Re: pets

i don't have any pet myself but my girlfriend has 5 cats a dog  and they all have their own personality they can be really naughty   

Re: pets

I love my baby boy - I have an 8 year old golden labrador, Mattie. He is my angel. <3 I also have a cockatiel - Jethro, who is mischievious. Smiley Happy