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Re: right now I am....

@N1ghtW1ng I am catching up online so I'm on Season 9 episode 10. Are you waiting on Season 10?

Right now... I am waiting on a text from my boyfriend
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Re: right now I am....

@ruenhonx yeah, oh I'm so excited! But a little sad because I'm going to miss the second half of the season because of a trip I am doing overseas for the year and I doubt I'll have access to any shows. But more for me to watch when I return!

Re: right now I am....

Right now I am buggered. And ready for bed, but I still have all this stuff I need to do... better stop procrastinating!

Re: right now I am....

I am thinking about how my world was always so dark because of the amount of hurt, suffering and pain I had endured over a long period of time, and when I you keep getting hurt, put down, your unloved, betrayed, you only feel worse and fall further and further in the dark hole that is already surrounding your life, and how nothing people would or do could make your like any worse or better, your in a vunerable positon so the decisions I made at time for myself would lead to worse situtions or more issues I had to deal with as if I wasnt already dealing with enough.

My issues I were facing caused me to lose my house, my job, my friends, and never have allowed to have a relationship in my life, now I will never work again or have those things I once anymore but I find myself sharing my story and the things that brought to where I am today with people that are dealing with the same or similar issues and feelings, and never tell how rewarding it is to be able to share and support others.

My life still now is not in the most brightest place there are still always good days and bad days but by surrounding myself with things I love and people who are positive, and realising that the first step to my happiness is loving myself and looking after myself first, then you learn to ignore or disengage when others around are looking to sabatoge your happiness you are soon able to tell the people that truly love and care for you when you love and care for yourself.

The main thing I learnt apart from the last paragraph is it takes time, and alot of it to heal from what I and others have or are going through....

Thank you to all at Reach Out for allowing this site a free environment for people to communicate

Re: right now I am....

Right now I'm triggered and I don't know why... Smiley Sad
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
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Re: right now I am....

@redhead you'll be okay. Don't forget we're here for you if you need us.

Re: right now I am....

Right now ... im at uni, waiting for a friend to bring me a coffee what a gem

Re: right now I am....

I am trying to sort out how to help my niece Gabby, who suffers with mental health issues, migraines, and travel sickness.

Gabby and Dani her twin sister started work, and everyday they were always coming home angry complaining about something that happened during their day at work.

Slowly after a little while Gabrielle's attitude toward her family and the outside has been increasingly worse and her mental health has detoriated alot to the point she has become uncontrollable and angry at everybody.

The other I let her know that if she needed to talk that I was always here for her, and then she told me that she is being harrased, picked on, comparisons made between what her ex-boyfriend has accomplished since leaving school compared to what she has, everyday she is asked how Adam her ex-boyfriend is and if they are still dating( Adam also works at the same place), she has been told off when making an error performing a task when she had no training at all, constantly for coming back from the toilet late, comparisons with what she gets paid to what Adam gets paid,- Gabrielle is constantly several during the day putting up these things happening by Staff members and fellow employees who to me sounds like they get their kicks out of bullying and harrasing disadvantaged people and love to use their power to their advantage.

On occassions when there is an issue bothering either when they go to advise a supervisor or Manager are basically ignored and never acknowledged that there conversation or compliant being made, so therefore things just continue on and there is resolution to the problem.

I felt so sorry for rubbish she is copping day in and day out in an environment that is suppose made enjoyable and happy so people want to come to work not the other way around.

As it is poor Gabby no longer wants to be living any longer because she cant cope with whats happening to her at work and she is only 19, still so young and plenty to offer this world, when I heard her say that I was so angry that these people had taken everything she had worked so hard to build in her life, confidence, worthiness, capable,self-esteem things that when you are have a mental illness are things that are already hard to achieve, and the staff and employees have taken all this from Gabby, and Dani is about the same but doesnt get it as bad because she is a little more stronger than Gabby.

I sent and email to the Management advising them of my concerns for the welfare of my family, and mentioned that if my concerns were not dealt with I would go to the media to have them addressed and aired publicly.

The response I received funnily enough was from a Manager that Gabrielle mentions and complains about advising me that as I was not listed as a Guardian or Contact that unless I receive a signed from each person referred to that NOTHING would be done.

I know with writing the letter I have done the right thing to bring these out, but I can feel that there it be a fight and It is one Im willing to go in to battle to help the people including my family working at this place.



Re: right now I am....

Hey @Sap0 - wow that sounds tough! I just had to edit out the details that might identify your nieces. You could always give YDAS a call if you need some advice about how to help your niece in this situation...

Online Community Manager

Re: right now I am....

Thank you Sophie-RO for you response to my post, it is going to be really tough to deal with but if it is in the best interests of my family and other employees the maybe also being treated the same way, it will certainly be well worth the fight and effort to see them work in a happier environment and perhaps then love to get up and go to work every day.

Thank you for the link YDAS I will contact them for advise to see where I stand and can do to see them happy and not afraid to go to work.