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tv marathon confessions

ok ive recently been marathoning the most insanely silly tv shows and i thought it

would be funny if other reach out people can confess the silliest shows that they have marathoned .


aeroplane repo - its literally about people reposessing aeroplanes and i watched about 4 hours of it


Re: tv marathon confessions

I LOVE AMERICAN PICKERS. I Watched 3 seasons of it in one sitting once, even discovered an American Pickers fandom. Seeing I was meant to do an assessment, probably not the best life choice

Re: tv marathon confessions

Don't tell anyone you guys, but I had a weekend marathon watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I don't know why, but that show is ridiculously freaking funny


Re: tv marathon confessions

Extreme Couponing. The same thing every show but yet I watched them all.

Re: tv marathon confessions

I've been watching some strange ones like Cupcake Wars, Dating in the Dark UK, Freaky Eaters and Embarrassing Bodies Smiley Tongue

Stay excellent

Re: tv marathon confessions

Squee. These are awesome ideas for watching marathons! Honey Boo Boo! Extreme Couponing!

I re-watch old shows from my teenagehood like the OC.

But most recently I caught up on shows from My Kitchen Rules

Re: tv marathon confessions

@dreamcatcher theres is nothing wrong with an american pickers marathon

Re: tv marathon confessions

@Chonty  As terrible as it is, I watched all seasons of Toddlers and Tiaras in college with two other friends. Ohhhhh dear. Honey Boo Boo and Makenzie are my faves (and they're the most crazy)

Re: tv marathon confessions

Last year I actually downloaded and watched all of Sister Wives. I'm so ashamed Smiley Sad

Re: tv marathon confessions

Over these holidays I rewatched all of Community (yes, even season 4), watched new show X-Men Evolution twice, kept on track with all my shows (Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, Arrow, Last Man Standing, Criminal Minds and I think that's it) while also rewatching many cartoon series (mainly involing the Justice League, the X-Men and the Avengers)


I had a wonderful time with my tv marathons. Oh wait! I almost forgot that I rewatched Avatar: The Last Airbender twice. (The best cartoon EVER!) 


Yep, I think that's everything. Oh wait. There's also Legion of Superheroes but I haven't finished the whole series, I got distracted. By another series... Yeah.... One such series was Winx Club. I watched it all up to season 3 or 4, I can't remember. I have a life!