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weird moments ?

so i just get this weird ideas/realisations/moments which always seem to crack me up or just my weird come backs i say e.g GET REKT !!!


im really struggling with the bad jokes @Bee @annabethxchase @gina-RO so you guys can read my amazing everyday weird moments bahahah. feel free to share your own !! 


“i should make my own podcasts !!” a guy in my classes response “😐 *name* don’t even please”


spins around a museum because im restless than gets so dizzy lies on the floor.


sees a bin that says “disaster bin” and i start laughing my head off.


my french teacher “these are expressions...” me “you’re an expression OHHHHHH” and starts dying of laughter and all my peers are just like wtf.


i had this booklet and i rolled up and started making weird noises (that’s what you do when you’re bored af) and everyone was like wtf is wrong with her bahahah.


sorry i could just go on and honestly i take no offensive if you think ‘wtf is wrong with her or why does she think that’s funny ?”

Re: weird moments ?

ohhh this thread is golden! I have a few from my high school days I shall share...

When I was 16 I had to get a copy of my birth certificate to go for my Learners Permit (my parents only ever got the extract when I was born), I was walking into the courthouse and I got to the door and it couldn't open and I kept walking back and forth, I then realised that it wasn't actually the door, so I move to where the door was and walked into the glass to realise the first place was the actual door, so I go back and THEN I see the opening times and I'd missed them by at least 30mins Smiley Very Happy I cracked myself laughing and thought it would have been such a funny sight to see as the courthouse is down the main street of my town.
And it turned out I needed to go to the post office! Ahahaha

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Re: weird moments ?

BAHAHHAHAHAH omg that’s AMAZING. you reminded my of another thing !


so i still can’t tell the difference between push and pull doors and gosh i must say i look stupid at school or anywhere because i just can’t work out which way is pull and which is push ahahaha

Re: weird moments ?

@litgym it's pretty funny I must admit Smiley Tongue I chuckle everytime I think about it!

OMG! Yes I sometimes stumble with them myself ahaha, also because in my town most doors will go both ways so it doesn't matter if you push or pull, so when I come to one which isn't like that I have to actually pay attention ahaha

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: weird moments ?

@Bee hahhahahaa


omg this is a sad thing for me but we have this automatic door at my school and because im SO short the door doesn’t open for me !!! and it’s so embarrassing hahah

Re: weird moments ?

Oh my gosh, the same thing happens to me with automatic doors (since I'm also short) too @litgym! It's especially awkward when I'm at a shopping centre or a bus station and people are looking at me weirdly wondering why I can't pass through haha.

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Re: weird moments ?

Oh i love this!! weird moments are the best/ worst haha


I'm sure i have many many of these to share, I just can't think of any right now! 

Watch this space.... 



awkward golf GIF

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Re: weird moments ?

@gina-RO haha, you must contribute!! @Bee’s is GOLD hahaha.


i had one from today but i just forgot it ! 

Re: weird moments ?

today i was really restless in science so i like pushed my chair back across the carpet and it made such a weird sound ! i was so satisfied by it weirdly !


in english i got bored so i put my lip balm on my forehead and bent my neck back. i don’t even know.

Re: weird moments ?

while i was trying to put my sock on i was thinking about my highlight from monday ! i spilt chatime (bubble tea) down my shirt. while thinking of that i put my sock on upside down if that makes any sense ?