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Re: what do you all do?

@hartley_ big decisions, but very exciting ones too! I love a good pros and cons list.. haha! Good luck!!

Re: what do you all do?

@Sophie-RO Thats a good way to look at it!


I am currently looking at doing a graduate diploma in counselling and im getting so excited! yeowww!

Exciting adventures ahead


@rt262 pros and cons list is a good idea, thanksSmiley Very Happy

Re: what do you all do?

I'm doing year 12 at the moment. I have a passion both for languages (German and French at the moment) and science (anything biology/psychology related). So that's probably what I'll end up doing as of next year - double degrees ftw! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: what do you all do?

Hi everyone, I'm new and figured I'd do an intro in here since it's active. Some varied occupations in here, interesting stuff.


I'm 24 and am sort of getting along as an artist. High-five @redhead.


Re: what do you all do?

Hey @Stub

Might sound like a silly question but what type of artist? Music or other artwork?

It sounds like an awesome thing to be doing though!
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Re: what do you all do?

@j95  Not a silly question at all. Primarily I draw/illustrate, but I've started doing sculpture recently. It's more like prop building but I guess that falls under sculpture? Not entirely sure myself.


It has its moments.


Re: what do you all do?

@Stub prop building sounds awesome!