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Hello again,
My second post in one hour but I find these two situations quite importnant.
My second situation is my no friends problem.
I lost all my friends the day after my birthday and so far I've dealt with it fine. But it can trigger depression and I feel more depressed everyday.
I'm smart, and last year I was little miss popularity but once the rumours are spread I'm left with no one.
I would like advice on how to manage loss of friends and how to avoid depression.
Thank you.

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@jaws so hard when these things happen - did you want to yarn over how this started? No pressure though.

You're not alone on this one, a lot of people have these incidences whereby their mates are no longer... I know I have been there myself. For me volunteering/picking up a sport/working a 2nd job were some of the avenues that opened my life up to new friendships. Just wondering if there's anything you're interested in such as a sport or hobby?


Here to listen & thinking of you tonight Heart


What do you guys reckon @FootyFan26 and @j95 ?

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I second @Bree-RO's idea of doing an extra activity to meet other people. Do you have anyone you talk to about how you're feeling like someone close to you or a counselor? There are also services like Kids HelpLine or Lifeline where you can talk on the phone or over webchat if that's how you like to work through things as well.

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I do swimming, boxing, MMA, and karate. @Bree-RO @FootyFan26
My boxing, MMA & karate club are like individual clubs, so you don't do it with a bunch of people. Your with a few people who are at your level and there mostly 20-40 year olds alongside my siblings. Swimming there's a lot of bitchy people who judge you quickly. Not very easy to make friends.

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@jaws do you have a neighbourhood house nearby or a youth centre that runs activities that you may be interested in joining?

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Not really.
The concerning part is spending my recess' and lunches alone kinda triggers depression, which I suppose isn't good.

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@jaws so is it at mainly school where these feelings come up? I find that when I feel like that keeping myself busy comes in handy. Does your school offer any activities during recess and lunch or could you go to the library and work there as well?

I was also just wondering if there was a counselor at your school that you have access to that could maybe help you sort out how you're feeling at school?

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Hey Jaws, I totally get you. I feel as though I have a facade of friendship, but no actual friendship with anyone. It can be so so hard sometimes and those feelings of being alone are just so belittingling and overpowering.

Sometimes I go to the library and study or pretend as though I have to do work, which just kind of guides me away from sitting alone and distracts me, I don't know if this works.


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hi @jaws


im wondering if your school runs any interest groups that you could join or try a new sport at your school to make some new friends even jsut one can help boost your confidence and make you not so alone. i was a loner going thorough school and spent most of my time in the library because i had no one so iget how hard it is

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

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mate if you want friends i'm happy to oblige

Discord: Tumbling Down Tumbling Down#4577