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Re: 1234567890

Hi @Bay52VU! Welcome to join our RO family =D 


How was your day today? Has it been a pretty normal, standard day or did you do something you like? Mind sharing your day? 


It sounded like you are quite upset for loneliness and I will tell you that is very common, as social is just one very important part in us. I feel that quite often too but bear in mind that there's always someone who are willing to listen and talk to you. Don't be scared to reach out and it is always okay to let others know "I need someone to talk to now!"


Hope you have a great day. To help better, get some chocolates, it lifts your mood =D

Re: 1234567890

Thanks all. I've actually been doing heaps good today. My place still looks like it's been ransacked but I've had some mental energy to actually do some things without them being a giant effort. Enough of a win for now.


The social stuff is probably going to be a challenge for the rest of the week cause I'll be on a work trip where I'll have to be "in character." But no point thinking about that atm while thngs are otherwise pretty sweet.


Re: 1234567890

That's good!! Always look on the bright side ^_^ 


My place always looks like a bomb hit and I struggle with cleaning. I find having a 'half done is better than not done at all' attitude really helps with stuff like cleaning. My dad always says to never half ass a job, but like.... if i half do the dishes, then half the dishes are done, rather than none of them. 


so even just picking up some clothes or changing the sheets make a difference ^^