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Re: 15 year old incapable of letting go

Hope you are feeling better.


For me I think the trick to letting go is acceptance. Lets not talk about relationships for now. Most of everything in this world cannot be control and predicted. And the only constant thing is change. 


I think learning to accept things are over, does not work, cannot change is a bit part of letting go. Hope this helps you.

Re: 15 year old incapable of letting go

I know, but the change doesn't really happen overnight. Every time I see evidence of couples (not just them, but any two people), I just want to have a person to myself who I can trust. And I don't. What am I doing wrong? Can you all tell me?

Re: 15 year old incapable of letting go

I'm sorry that I'm desperate, okay?

Re: 15 year old incapable of letting go

Hey @Matt1251 i don't know if wanting something that matters to you a lot counts as desperate, it seems like a pretty reasonable way to feel to me. So I think it's okay. Reading through your posts makes me think you're a good dude who would be a pretty good catch. So i almost want to encourage you to make the most of your time as a singleton, because i really doubt it'll last long! I really like a bunch of the suggestions in this thread already, i would add one more and that is to: 



Now is a really good time to keep improving the relationship you have with yourself! The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more you know about who you are and the things that make you tick. They better a partner you're going to be when the next incredible person sweeps you off your feet (or vice versa, i don't discriminate in the feet sweeping department). 


What's working for you in the Treat yo self department? What're some things you want to learn about yourself to make you an even better relationshipper? 

Re: 15 year old incapable of letting go

Hi Matt,


Its not possible to give an advice without knowing your situation and I doubt Im even qualified to give any advice.

As Ben said and also I think you should focus on being happy on your own. Focus your energy on helping others. This way you make good quality friends that you can trust and help. And they help you back. 


Relationships come and go no matter what we do. Its just the way the world works. There are many areas in life like, family, friends, hobbies, sports, education, gf/bf etc. While you may not have a relationship at the moment you can still focus on other areas of your life. Those are important also and will make you happy too.


I guess what Im trying to say is focus on helping others and making quality friends. With friends you can trust them and who knows, one of them might turn into someone special. Enjoy your time being single.