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A bad night for the lady.

Have you ever notice that the brain wanders... but we let it drift away knowing that it will have to come back. But in the mean time while we wait underneath the breach of life the thoughts creep in one by one and all of a sudden its like BOOM 💥 now our whole head is overflowing with these thoughts. And we some how open our eyes only to realise that were are treading water in the deep dark depressing ocean 🌊. I just want everything to stop so i can think clearly for a moment, its just all too much right now 

Re: A bad night for the lady.

hey there @Eagle please check your email

Re: A bad night for the lady.

Hey there @Eagle, how are you feeling now?

I struggle with a wandering brain a lot, sometimes it'll come back on its own and then sometimes it'll bring bad thoughts with it. What works for me is letting those bad thoughts out, like on paper or the forums (within the guidelines) or somewhere so I can go back over and then address them.

It can be really difficult to think clearly when there are so many thoughts in our heads. Do you have anyone you can talk with to help with all the thoughts?