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Advice on exclusion

Is it ok for my school to exclude my class photo and my special need classmates photo from the school magazine? We were the only ones not included in the magazine. The school says they overlooked us and will get a copy for us with our photos. We have been bullied about this. We feel bad and ashamed for having disabilities. The classmates from my mainstream classes will not have our photos in their magazines. The school won't listen to us and say we have to accept their remedy. I feel invisible.

Re: Advice on exclusion

Hi @Mickey96 - I agree that this is not OK. Nobody deserves to be bullied and I'm sorry you and your classmate have had to experience this. Most yearbooks and magazines have a staff supervisor/advisor, have you questioned why they allowed this exclusion?  If you feel like your school is unresponsive, there are disability advocacy services who can take this up on your behalf. You can find a list of services in your area here.


Re: Advice on exclusion

Hey @Mickey96 I think what happened to you and your classmate is terrible. It is definitely not okay for them to do that. You should not be ashamed because you both are people and you have rights, the school should be ashamed for their actions.

I think speaking to someone as Ellebelle stated would be a great idea because even if they cannot fix the situation now for you, you speaking out might help others in the future not go through the same thing.
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Advice on exclusion

Hey Mickey96


That sounds really unfair, and I'm sorry to hear that the situation turned out this way.


Defintely have a chat with someone in the school about this, because you have every right to be included in the photo's as well as your classmates.



Re: Advice on exclusion

Hi @Mickey96

It is beyond not okay! It astonishes me that has happened, and I'm sorry that use have had to go through all of this. Discrimination of any form, is not okay, and action should be taken.

Is there anybody you can speak to about this? Like, school welfare worker, somebody that you trust, etc.
Also, well done for speaking on ReachOut about this.

All the best @Mickey96

Re: Advice on exclusion

Heyyyy @Mickey96 

I felt so disgusted reading the horrible experience you unfortunately had to deal with. It's sad to know that there are a MINORITY of people like that out there. It's not that it's only not acceptable it's inhumane and it really portrays a negative image of the person/people doing it. 

Hopefully you are able to speak to someone about it, a principle, social worker to make sure the situation is handled accordingly. 

Meanwhile never be ashamed or allow people to mistreat you for who you are, we are all different and that's what makes the world. Smiley Happy