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I finally told my counsellor about my suicidal thoughts. Despite the fact I know it's the right thing, I am petrified. She recommended I tell my doctor and psychologist, and has agreed to help me in doing so, but I'm still terrified. I just pray to whatever god there is that my parents don't find out, because it'll only make it worse.

Re: Ahhhh

This is a huge step you've taken @Blurryphaced! Did you mention to your counselor about not telling your parents? I'm glad that she's going to help you talk to your doctor and psychologist. This is a huge first step and you have been incredibly brave in doing so!! Smiley Happy

Have you got any self-care planned for tonight to help with the fear?

Re: Ahhhh

I'm so proud of you @Blurryphaced, that must have taken a lot of courage. I'm glad that you feel that you did the right thing, and that your counsellor is going to support you with telling your psychologist and doctor. 


In my experience, your counsellor can only break your confidentiality by telling your parents if they're extremely concerned about you, or if you say that you have a plan to end your life. If it were to happen, counsellors are also usually pretty good at talking to anxious and distressed parents and smoothing the process as much as they can. 


I second @N1ghtW1ng's awesome suggestion to do some self-care tonight! Try to look after yourself, know that you've taken a big step towards recovery, and soothe your fears as much as you can Heart