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Alone, Depressed and Sad

Hi there, I dont understand how this is going to help me 

Tho I was online to Lifeline online and he/she suggested that I got to go on reachout and I found the forums. I dont know what to say, I dont want to be judged. I just feel alone, depressed and sad, its almost like a numb feeling. I dont know how to control the negative thoughts at the moment. Smiley Sad Im sick of feeling not worth living. I lied on lifeline online cause I was scared that services were going to get called. Smiley Sad I dont know anymore....Im not understand life 


HELP Smiley Sad 



I guess no one is on 11pm  everyone has a life but me  Ju...

I guess no one is on 11pm 

everyone has a life but me 

Just hoping ill make tonight 


Re: Alone, Depressed and Sad

Hey C-C


I am here. 


Can I start with good on you for calling lifeline. It can so scary to pick up the phone due to fear of being disregarded or having to admit to a problem. You've taken a brave step forward even tho it can be so hard. 


Sometimes words fail us when we need to express ourselves. Can you pick up a pencil and draw? Maybe do a collage out of catalogues and magazines? Better yet, take a photo with a camera/ phone. When you are happy with your work, try to look at it in a different point of view. Maybe add a sun in your drawing, spell out the word 'Strong' in your collage and/or snap a scene of the traffic or garden. The point of it is to help you feel that you aren't alone, and that hope is only a reach away if you want it there. 


Did you know that one way to "control" the negative thinking is by focusing on the positives? There are many self-help threads in the 'Everyday life stuff'. For example, give Three positives of today a try. Or try Turning Negatives into Positives


And C-C, one step at a time Smiley Happy Check back with us when you're ready.




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Re: Alone, Depressed and Sad

Hey C-C 


We are glad to have you here. Its great that you are looking for help and you are so brave to go to Lifeline and to come here. 


You will not be judged here, its terrible that you are feeling this way. What you are going through must be so hard and negative thoughts can really ruin your day, have you tried doing some positive self talk . I use this everytime I feel like im being negative, its hard to do but it really helps. 


I think honesty is the best policy when you are getting help because being honest with people that are trying to help you as well as being honest with yourself can be the best thing to encourage you to look for reasons to live. 


Is there anyone around you that you feel comfortable talking to? 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Alone, Depressed and Sad


im new to the forums  i came across  your post i would like to help you anyway i can

t like others have said no one gets judged here.

we are all here to help where we can.

let me tell you alil about myself im 28 male  my parents were alcholics.

Notice i said were...... well i lost mum to cancer when i was 16  both my parents were elderly mid 50s around the time

like i said i was 16 and still a mummies boy  mum told me on my 16th birthday  that she wouldnt be around for christmas i didnt believe her .....

well three months later i was pretty much nursing mum  giving her  her meds and sitting with herwhile she was in pain  till the drugs kicked in i fed,bathed dressed my mother and listened to her beg me to end her life while dad had a breakdown and hit the bottle harder  mind u i was still going to school. when mum went into pallitive care i knew her time was soon i only saw mum twice more after that  last time i visited her was the  day she died  i lost dad 7 years later   i had to turn off his life support .


the point im trying to make is i have seen my fair share of hard times i joined  reach out to help others so anytime you need some one to talk to   ill be there  c-c no one is ever alone