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Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?

Hi, I have always been a fairly anxious person but i never considered it that bad or a problem but people in my life say i'm extremely anxious. I cant actually tell when i'm anxious anymore its so normal but lately it has escalated and my family and my school councillor and my teachers are concerned. I don't know where to start so i'll list all my problems 1. I have an intense fear of dying most of my anxiety is related to health and dying iv always been a hypochondriac but its getting ridiculous ie. chest pain = Heart attack, Wont go in water since I found out about a rare bacteria that lives in water and eats your brain and only 4 people in the world have survived, cant drive because im to scared to get in the car in case I crash and die, plane going over the house at night = Bomb or danger, scared of the beach because I dont know whats in the water, If death is mentioned I automatically start thinking about how I will die and I cant stop it happening eventually and will start feel teary and panicky I have to get rid of the thought etc. I could go on forever. 2. I have a problem with spiders, I have a process I do every night regardless of consequences or circumstances that I do to ease anxiety and stop spiders getting into my room. I check the whole room with a torch, floor behind bed under bed behind photos i even check the celling, the window frame and behind the blind. I remove the mattress to check the bed frame for spiders then I shake out all my bedding and put it on the bed then I spray all entrances and exits to room with bug spray then i build a barrier under my door with multiple hoddies folded to make my door almost air tight so the spiders cant get in, every time I leave the room at night I will repeat this process, sometimes I do it just to check before I actually sleep. Some people think this is a bit ritualistic and becoming OCDish but I don't do it in a particular order and I only do it at mums house (at dadsI room check but dont put up the barrier. I sleep with a can of bug spray and a shoe to kill spiders 3. Not sure if its anxiety. I am academically inclined but I ask all my teacher for reassurance and will check and re check all aspects of the assignment with the teacher so I know iv done it correct and if i'm over the word count I cant cut it in case I cut something good and make it worse. I cant do the assignments by myself for fear of sucking or ruining my grade or getting it wrong Am I too anxious whats going on? Help?

Re: Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?

Hey @Alec29 thanks heaps for posting this I hope the community can provide you some peer support around your anxiety concerns.. Smiley Happy


Firstly well done on being able to identify all of this. Some folks aren't actually able to even get that far, so big well done because at least from here you can further seek support and progress through this. Anxiety and OCD-ish tendencies are definitely manageable, it just takes a little bit of time to work out the strategies that fit for you but I have seen people conquer these feelings, so have hope for sure Smiley Happy Did the school counsellor give you some tips and tricks on these things you have listed?


Something I find beneficial is to "externalise" the anxiety. So instead of "I am anxious. I am an anxious person." you could start trying to say "My anxiety is here for a visit" or "the anxiety is doing some stuff". Have you ever tried this?


Another great resource is this app here. Can be really good for feelings of anxiousness. 


What's worked for you in the past?

Re: Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?

How are you traveling @Alec29 ?

Re: Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?

hi @Alec29


how are you going?

nice to meet you btw

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Re: Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?

Hi @Bree-RO & @scared01

Thanks for the replies


I currently see the school councillor for issues such as depression and gender dysphoria not anxiety. I only told her about the anxiety in our last session which was 3 weeks ago I think and I haven't had a appointment since so I haven't' gotten any advice yet.


I think I could give externalising my anxiety a try.


I have been a very anxious person for a long time so much so that I don't notice that Im anxious most of the time, its only in the last few months that its been getting much worse that I have noticed that Im having issues, thinking about dying all the time isn't very nice, due to me not knowing im anxious I don't actually do anything for the anxiety only the compulsive over checking regarding spiders and school work calms me down for a while. I also find I worry less if im real tired or depressed.


The last few days have been a bit rubbish. The anxiety is not as bad as it was but still not good but I think its probably because now I feel quite sad and down and stressed with school. Iv cried in math 3 times this week II keep getting questions wrong in class and I just feel so useless that I kind of lose it and start crying and then I just feel really sad and stressed. Today I switched between ok to sad and crying in math to depressed for the rest of the day to anxious and then to irritated and angry.I just feel like evey thing is a bit to much 



Re: Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?



Hey! Its good you spoke to your school counsellor about it. Sounds like the anxiety is pretty bad and your finding it really difficult to manage if you having thoughts of dying all the time? How do you manage those thoughts? 

Its really quite common to start crying when your feeling anxious too, alot of people feeling that way. Were you given any strategies by your counsellor about how to deal with it?

Re: Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?



I don't really manage the thoughts of dying. If the thoughts are related to my health I usually panic and seek reassurance from mum or go a bit crazy in the internet with symptoms and the likelihood of getting specific illnesses and if it continues I go to the doctor. But if the thoughts of dying arnet immediately related to my health in the moment I usually jus get rea scared and sad, I realised that no mater what I do I will die eventually and that really scares me to know Im not in control and that I will cease to exist. I dont believe in heaven or the afterlife etc. I just think that when you die everything just stops and I cant imagine everything just stopping because if it all stopped my conciseness would not exist therefore I would feel or think nothing but i cant imagine what it would be like because if im dead i cant imagine anything. Sorry that probably didn't make much sense.


No I havnt gotten any strategies yet I havnt seen her since our last appointment and once i told her about the death, health and general anxiety she wasnt quite sure how to help me at that moment

Re: Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?

@Alec29 ah yeah ok, might me good to see your counsellor again and ask her again about some management strategies....If she's still stuck you might wanna ask if she could recommend someone else. Because I feel some good face to face support would really help.

The externalising is a really good one @Bree-RO. I don't know If you have checkout out this part of the website, it can be a start to try some of those strategies?...

But I also hope the community can provide you some peer support around your anxiety concerns... Smiley Happy 

Re: Am I too anxious? Is it anxiety?

Hey @Alec29, anxiety can be pretty tough, can't it?


Have you tried any breathing exercises, or mindfulness? I find those to be quite helpful when I'm feeling anxious...

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