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Angry Parents doing 🅰️ bad job

My parents act like they're doing a great job of helping me through my depression and are always acting hurt if I feel sad most of the time. It's been almosted a year since I attempted suicide and I am feeling much better and am seeing a really nice psych. My mum still doesn't trust me at all and constantly watches me at all times and makes me go with her wherever she goes. This is pretty annoying especially since i'll be in the middle of something. They often don't listen to me and don't care about what i want and try to make it seem like i don't have a choice and have to do what they say. And if i get past that they will just ignore me. This is often bringing me down signifigantly and they are always blaming it on external sources like video games. For me video games are a bit of a refuge cos they are a distraction where i can chat with friends and ignore the voices and bad thoughts in my head. I tried to explain this to my mum when i hit an all time low but she just sent me to hospital. Becuase of this shaky relationship i keep loads from my parents including the fact im gay. And i never feel like i could tell them because i'd be too ashamed. My sister is also very abusive to me and once tried to drown me. Shes a bit of a sadist. idk what to do just putting this out there,

Re: Angry Parents doing 🅰️ bad job

Hi @darcitrus,
First of all I just wanted to say that I'm really glad to hear that you are feeling much better this year and that you are seeing a really nice psychologist.
I really relate to when you said video games give you refuge, because for me as well, when I feel stressed or anything I like to game and it makes me happy.
May I ask, have you spoken to your psychologist about what has been happening with your family?
Here for you!

Re: Angry Parents doing 🅰️ bad job

I haven't because I don't tell him a lot of things I guess. I tend to keep things to myself. I've thought about talking to him but my parents will probably just feel offended and blame it on "infernal machines" rather than trying to make it better.

Re: Angry Parents doing 🅰️ bad job

Hi @darcitrus I see from your other thread that your relationship with your psych is really quite new, so it is understandable that you aren't yet sharing everything. But I would encourage you to remember that they can only help you as much as you are willing to let them help. If they know about a problem, they can help you work through it and devise appropriate strategies. But if you choose not to tell them what you need help with, they can't advise you.


In this instance, if you can open up, I think your psych could be a great facilitator for a conversation with your parents about how they can help you, and how you have been helping yourself (I see you've been using video games for refuge from your thoughts).


I'm also going to tag @lokifish, who was talking to you in your other thread. They may have advise to share here to. 

Please let us know how you go.

Re: Angry Parents doing 🅰️ bad job

I see @darcitrus,
I agree with @Danielle_RO in that it may take a while to develop a relationship with your psych since it's quite new.
Do you think that you might feel better if you were able to open up to him about your situation?

Re: Angry Parents doing 🅰️ bad job

Heya @darcitrus, glad to see you're still here Smiley Happy



I reckon @Danielle_RO and @missep are onto something - I know it took me a while to learn to trust my psych. They're pretty used to it, and usually have ways of helping you to express your thoughts if you're not used to doing so.


The stuff regarding your sister is pretty concerning. Do you have ways of keeping yourself safe when she's around?

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Re: Angry Parents doing 🅰️ bad job

seems legit