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Anxiety And Depression Fears

Hi.  I've written on here before but this is the first time in a while. The last few days I've been feeling really  unusually anxious and felt extremely down. I've always had bad anxiety but I've always known why but the anxiety  I am experiencing right now , I don't know why I'm feeling it. It's come out of the blue and I'm feeling really down. I'm scared I'm relapsing into  depression ?!!

Re: Anxiety And Depression Fears

Hii @Clarke , I'm sorry that you've been feeling unusually anxious and down. Smiley Sad Anxiety can be so daunting and sucky to feel, especially it interferes with work or school or your social life. If you don't mind me asking, what are you feeling anxious about? And how are you feeling today? You may want to call the kids helpline, headspace, or see a counsellor/professional to talk about what you're going through! Feel free to talk to us about what you're feeling and how you are! Heart

Re: Anxiety And Depression Fears

Thanks for replying.  The thing is,  I don't know why I'm anxious .Usually I know why but this time it just came out of nowhere and I don't know why I'm anxious or down 

Re: Anxiety And Depression Fears

Heyy @Clarke, it's totally okay and normal to not know why you're feeling anxious! Smiley Happy It happens sometimes and it can be scary to not know why it's happening. Do you have anyone around you that you can talk to about how you're feeling or just there to support you? and do you have any habits/strategies to relieve your anxiety? For myself I find that distracting myself with things that I like to do in my free time helps, like playing the piano or video games. I hope you do feel better soon! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Anxiety And Depression Fears

Thank you for the support and the strageties, I really appreciate it 

Re: Anxiety And Depression Fears

Hey @Clarke 


Thank you for coming here for support Heart It can be especially hard to get help when you're going through an unexpected bout of anxiety/depression. I can sense the confusion in your post and I want you to know you are not alone with this. 


Once someone explained to me that anxiety is kind of like a smoke alarm. It goes off and makes a lot of noise when it perceives something as dangerous - this is only to help you stay safe. Sometimes having anxiety out of the blue, can be a little bit like having an overactive smoke alarm. Being alerted to danger when their isn't a threat can be really exhausting - what has helped me to get through those times is to forgive my "over active smoke alarm" and know that I'm trying to protect myself on some level. Using breathing techniques when this happens and repeating an affirmation that I am safe etc..also helps sometimes Smiley Happy 


I'm just wondering if you've got any support at the moment? Friends, family or even a counsellor/psychologist? It can be really helpful to talk through these things with someone Heart Know that we are also here for you. 



Re: Anxiety And Depression Fears

Hi @Clarke , I just wanted to echo what @Bre-RO mentioned about anxiety being like an alarm. If you think about it, humans have lived a very long time because we're alert to possible dangers around us, which keeps us safe. When we start feeling unsafe when we don't need to though, anxiety can become a big problem! 


I think it might help to carry around a little notepad and a pen, just to jot down what's going on whenever you feel more anxious than usual. Sometimes it's hard to tell why we feel the way we do, but writing down your thoughts and what's going on at the time could help you find patterns in what triggers your anxiety.


Finding the issues is the first step, and it's a huge accomplishment that you've begun to seek help and useful strategies to deal with anxiety! That's fantastic!