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Anxiety, Depression, and stress



It's been 6 months since I started CPAP treatment, and although the CPAP has been going great (most days my AHI is under 3) everything else seems to have gotten worse. I've had anxiety since my teens, and growing up I was very shy. My anxiety, slight depression, and stress has been going up and up over the last 6 months. My anxiety medicine has been increased (and not doing much for me), I've started seeing an allergist, psychiatrist, and a psychotherapist. Work is suffering more now than ever before (probably my worst 6 months since I started working). Although I'm wide awake (relatively) at 9-10 PM now, my anxiety, stress, etc is just as bad, if not more so.I can't help wondering if the CPAP helping me to not have apneas has made my anxiety and stress worse. Has anyone else seen anything like this, or have you had the opposite outcome?


Please help.


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Re: Anxiety, Depression, and stress

Hey @kevinmanuel, thanks for posting. You're really proactive about your mental health - incredible; well done. Sometimes the hardest thing about doing all of the work, meds, psych etc is it actually can make us feel quite rubbish for a while (as processing all of this no doubt brings up a lot of pain and shines a light on emotional wounds that need to heal).

As such I can understand that work might be taking a beating, I am super sorry to hear this. Have you considered chatting to a Mensline counsellor? They're a really good, free service. Their number is 1300 78 99 78. They might have some after-hours resources, or alternate strategies to your current practitioners. I am just going to flick you a quick e-mail about your username as well Smiley Happy