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Anxiety and loneliness

Hi all,

Just looking for a couple good tips/exercises to help me with these situations and improving myself.

So I am currently abroad here studying, very far away from all my friends and family. I tend to get be very prone to getting into bad states of mind, ruminating, and then this triggers my anxiety. I don't get anxiety attacks, however this feeling and rumination prevents me from focusing and really enjoying the day as its just like a heavy weight. (Going for long walks helps at times).

I am not sure what i can do to battle this.

What triggers most of this is being lonely, because obviously cant spend time with friends 100% of the time. As well, getting attached to people (relationships) and then this triggering almost a relationship anxiety. 

Any ones previous experiences in this and tips would be really appreciated. 
Thank you 


Re: Anxiety and loneliness

Hi @dafg 

How are you, I often get home sick and a few things I like to do is write letters to my family when I feel a bad but of home sick. I write about what I have been up to and doing I describe the little things like there was a blue and black bird sitting out my window I woke up to it singing it's beautiful melody this morning. If writing isn't your thing I would suggest trying some meditation it's soothing and calming. I'm also "clingy" but I would say it just means you care. I hope this post helped a bit and it's ok to feel anxious and lonlie sometimes it what makes us human all these emotions. But you are doing really well and you should be proud of yourself, and if you ever feeling lonlie I'm always happy to have a chat over the forum. X

Re: Anxiety and loneliness

Hi @dafg! Welcome to the forums!

Being away from your friends and family can be a really challenging time. If they have supported you in the past, it can be hard not having their support now. Smiley Sad

It's great that taking long walks helps you. Smiley Happy Do you think that making some new friends or seeing a professional would also help? I can point you towards some resources if you're interested in trying those things. Heart

Re: Anxiety and loneliness

Hi @dafg , as someone who's also studied abroad away from friends and family for over 4 years, I understand that it can feel lonely and like you're 'out of place' at times. I think it's really brave of you to study abroad, even though you're prone to getting into bad states of mind and ruminating! Smiley Happy One question, do you live alone or do you share you're living space with other people (roommates, etc.)?


When I lived abroad, in the beginning I really did not like it since I was completely alone and it was hard to learn the local language. But over time I got used to the culture shock and the lifestyle with the help of the friends I made over there. I think it was because I was living in a dorm so I wasn't alone for most of the time; there was always someone there to talk or hang out with which was good in some aspects. Though when I was alone, I found that distracting myself with hobbies or things that required a lot of my attention would help with preventing myself from getting into bad states of mind, such as playing video games, playing piano, drawing, and more. I hope this could help you with your own experiences! Heart