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Anxiety attacks

I’ve recently had anxiety attacks and they hurt I had one big one I was very upset I was crying I couldn’t breathe I knew the trauma I bought up decided to attack me in the space of 2 day I had 3 anxiety attacks there are only 2 people who know how to help can anyone relate and support me because I’m kinda over it having anxiety is part of being alive 

Re: Anxiety attacks

Hi @gmusicj 👋


I'm so sorry to hear you've experienced so many panic attacks in such a small space of time. I've also had experience with these so completely understand the discomfort and stress that comes with it. Not to mention the emotions that follow on after you've managed to get yourself to a safe place and calm down.. 


Anxiety attacks are caused by different reasons for everyone and we often can experience them differently too. I was wondering if you are aware of your triggers and if you have any strategies in place to help try and soothe yourself before things get out of hand? 

Re: Anxiety attacks

Not really I can have one legit anytime over nothing today I almost had one I wanted to let it out but I kicked it in the butt but tomorrow new day new challenge I can almost guarantee in may have one tomorrow the tiniest bit of stress can set and out of control attack lasting 20 mins   

Re: Anxiety attacks

That's amazing that you were able to kick it in the butt @gmusicj!! You should feel proud about that because I know how hard they can be to control!! What did you do to prevent it from coming on? 


I understand that it can be triggered by the smallest of things. I actually had one today over something so stupid and I was so frustrated with myself that it happened.


Are you, or have you ever seen a professional about this? Just wondering because I have recently started seeing mine for various reasons and one was because my anxiety was getting far too out of control. Don't get me wrong, it's still a daily struggle but my psych has helped me to recognize some triggers and put some grounding strategies in place to help during an attack. They don't always work but I do find recognising triggers to be very helpful.. 

Re: Anxiety attacks

Hi @gmusicj and thank you for opening up about the panic attacks- we are so humbled and grateful that you feel you can talk about them here Heart Panic attacks can feel exhausting and a bit scary, and we want to do what we can to support you through them. 


@MB95  has provided some great responses, I hope that reading the responses has helped you feel more connected to others going through similar things. In this community there are so many people who can relate to what you are going through, you are not alone Heart


We would be interested to hear your thoughts on some of the questions MB95 has asked in their last post. We are here for you!


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Re: Anxiety attacks

Hi @gmusicj Heart 

I'm so glad and proud of you for reaching out here. I hope that you feel you are not alone because we in this online community are here for comfort and advice. Personally, I haven't had bad anxiety attacks, but I have a sister who struggled a lot with them. I understand how difficult and tiring it must be for you, but I'm so SO proud of you for kicking the anxiety attack in the butt! That is already a sign of good progress! Smiley Happy 


How did you feel after kicking it in the butt? If it was a sense of relief and happiness, or if you felt proud of yourself, maybe you can try to remember that feeling when times get tough and the anxiety attacks come back. Something that helped my sister get through anxiety attacks was trying hard to control your breathing by breathing in for 3, holding for 3, and out for 3. It might help even more if you are with someone when the anxiety attack happens and they can help count your breathing and breathe with you. 

What kind of techniques have you tried so far to help? 


I'm so proud of you and how you're trying to manage your anxiety attacks. Thank you for reaching out! Heart

Re: Anxiety attacks

I’m on a bus I put my hand on the window and breath but I need someone to sit with me to walk me through it when I have attacks it’s scary I cry and the sense of being unable to breathe I feel like I’m going to die or pass out 

Re: Anxiety attacks

@gmusicj I'm so sorry that you're going through a tough time right now. I know it must be so scary feeling that way. I'm glad that you still have a method you use to try and calm yourself down when you're in more difficult places like public transport. Have people on public transport around you ever stepped up to notice and help you in any way? 

Re: Anxiety attacks

Kinda off 


Re: Anxiety attacks

Do you see a psychologist? Or anybody who might be able to give professional advice? Maybe you could ask them for a list of things you could do when you're in those kinds of situations. Can you think of 3 things you could do when you have an anxiety attack that might help you calm down?