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Re: Anxiety attacks

I don’t when she’s on holiday 


Re: Anxiety attacks

I relate to the needing to hear a physical voice too actually. I'm glad your bf is there to help too, that's really good, and I'm glad you've learnt some helpful strategies for not taking any risks and ensuring your safety! That's a big step!

Re: Anxiety attacks

Hey @gmusicj,


Like @Jess1-RO  I think it's amazing that you are able to recognise when you need the extra help and are willing to reach out when you do because I know it can be one of the hardest steps in recovery, so you should be proud of yourself for that! Keep up the awesome work 😊


As for needing to hear a voice that you know, I can also understand that. When I go into full blown panic mode I often reach for the phone to call my psych because she seems to be the one person that knows how to calm me down. But like you, mine is also on holidays which makes things difficult and realistically I understand I can't be calling her every second. So I'm finding the break to be a challenge but also a good one as I'm being forced out of my comfort zone and to rely on myself a lot more.. it is difficult but I know it's going to make me stronger for it in the end.


I tried the smiling minds app that @ayrc_1904 suggested and think it's great. Like you, I get pretty ashamed of my anxiety and the fact that it can often get so out of hand but I found that listening to the app before bed really helped me get used to the guys voice? I haven't used it during an attack yet, but defs finding it helps me calm my mind at night. Not sure if you struggle with sleeping like me? But I'd defs reccommend giving it a shot! 


Let us know how you get on! 😊


Aside from that, what have you got planned for Christmas?