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Re: Anxiety explosion out of the blue

I get chu @nyke. I feel that on a spiritual level haha. Also that awkward mood where your teacher sees you laugh and you pretend you weren't laughing, but then you can't stop giggling at stupid things, so you get more scared the teacher will see you and then you look REALLY sus and wait for someone in the class to make a joke so you can let out a big laugh, not at what they said but because you are about to melt from the awkwardness now being shared between you and your teacher. In those moments I just want to become a piece of gum under the desk Smiley LOL


And yes, yes. That is a yearbook quote, "confused puddle of mess, but also an evil mastermind. Get yourself a guy who can do both". Thank you.


Re: Anxiety explosion out of the blue

I'm honoured! Smiley LOLSmiley LOL