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Anxiety taking over!!

Hey, I'm Emmily and I'm new to the site.


I've had some trouble with anxiety since about year 3 and I'm currently in year 9.

Main things I get really nervous about are:

1. Football matches

2. Scary things

3. Relationships

4. School speeches

5. Every morning in general

6. If I'm told I'm going somewhere but it's a 'surprise'.

7. Camps and Excursions


When I over-think things or get worked up, I become sweaty, I can't eat,  get nauseous and usually throw up.


I've been to teachers about it, I was referred to this website and I've been told to just hang tight.

My grades have dropped from A+'s to B-'s and for me, that's devastating.


I'm not looking for  a quick fix, I know it's not as easy as that, but I am willing to try as hard as possible to overcome this.


I know someone is out there, someone to help me, someone who has the right key for my problem.


If anyone can help, all comments happily taken!!


Re: Anxiety taking over!!

Hi Emmily,

Welcome to the ReachOut forums! I'm glad you were referred to this website, you will definitely find people here who've had anxiety who can share their stories and tips with you. Smiley Happy

Sometimes it feels like anxiety is a part of life, but if it's stopping you from doing things you want to do (or need to do!) then it is definitely time to be doing something about it.

I have found that anxiety about study has been the hardest thing about studying the course I am in now! Because I put a lot of pressure on myself that it was important for me to do super well in all my subjects, I felt so anxious that I actually *avoided* studying. Crazy, huh?! And I started emotional eating to try to make myself feel better, instead of doing something positive to help me manage the anxiety. So that didn't work too well.

I eventually realised I had to do something to fix the situation, because I didn't want to flunk out!  So I saw a counsellor, and my GP. Getting to the point where I reached out and spoke to the counsellor and asked for help was actually the hardest thing I did. But talking through the specific things I was worried about with the counsellor helped, and having ongoing contact with them. Also, I started dealing with the big things like assignments that were stressing me out, by breaking them down into small "chunks" - which were tasks like homework or cleaning one room in my house, that I knew I could do. I found that much less stressful, and it felt like an accomplishment when I could tick off a few little chores from my to do list every day.
But enough about me! Smiley Happy
It's a great start that you've made a list of the specific things that you've noticed stress you out. This will help you to make some decisions about how you want to manage the things that you know trigger your anxiety. There are some good fact sheets on anxiety on this site, check out:

How to manage anxiety

All about treatments for anxiety


Do you have a school counsellor you could maybe talk to? They will probably know a bit more about anxiety than your teachers. There's also Kids Help Line if you'd like to speak to someone on the phone: 1800 55 1800.

Good luck!



Re: Anxiety taking over!!

Hi Blithe,


Thanks for replying!


At school, we have counselors, chaplains and the nurse to talk to. The only thing I found about talking to teachers is that they see me all day every day and can see changes in my mood.

I've always had this thing about seeing a 'counselor', especially when in junior high and everyone wants to know why!

I did go to my GP once but he gave me medication that I couldn't take so I didn't really benefit from seeing him, (and plus, I think I'd prefer a woman to talk to as relationships is probably my biggest trigger!).


Even on a normal, daily basis, I usually feel really ill just after I wake up. My Mum told me it was normal but I don't really think so. Most people eat breakfast after waking up but I can't stomach any food until dinner.


(I'm doing 40 Hour Famine right now so I can't really talk about 'not eating'.... It's all for a good cause! Smiley Very Happy)


Thanks again! 

Re: Anxiety taking over!!

Hey Emmily,

Do you think you'd be able to see your GP again and see if you could see some professional help or look into other options in general? I'm sure he'd be able to refer you to a female.
It's scary but if you don't feel like you're coping it could be a really great help. It gets over the problem of people judging you about seeing the school counsellor or generally pestering you about it.

If your teachers are able to help then that's great, and it can be really beneficial for them to know about your struggles. However, they're likely not trained to know how best to help you and/or aren't really able to.

One of the best bits of advice I can give is to try your best not to give into your anxiety. Avoiding things will often just make the anxiety worse and, in some cases, the situation worse.

Examining your thoughts and trying to rationalise them can also be really helpful, such as trying to figure out how realistic what you're afraid of happening is, and finding evidence to support/deny the thoughts you're having.
Professionals can greatly help you out with this sort of stuff.

Making use of things on this site really helps me now too.

I hope some of this has helped Smiley Happy

Also, woo for doing the 40 Hour Famine!

Re: Anxiety taking over!!

hey Emmily!


Wow, what an amazing postive attitute! I'm so super impressed! (and kinda jealous, whats your secret lol)


As Birdeye suggested maybe it might be an idea to go back to your GP? Your anxiety sounds like it is having real physiological impacts on you (throwing up, nausa, not being able to eat) which might be beyound the reach of your teachers/school counsellor. If your GP isn't cutting it for you, he could refer you to a (female) specialist (or you could book an appointment with a new, female GP), who might be able to help you a bit more. (just curious, feel free not to answer, did your GP know why you couldn't take the medication he perscribed, did he offer to perscribe any alternitves?). It sounds like you've been suffering for a while, and seeing an experienced professional could put you on the right track to helping you recover. Your GP should also be able to help you find a professional.



I've had a bit of a struggle with anxiety as well, and while you probably have your own techniques for dealing, some that have really helped me are focusing/breathing exercies (very helpful for me, when I'm in a crowd), and making really detailed lists of certain tasks. A professional could probably help you refine your own techniques, and identify and create exits to the thought paterns that may cause you to get anxious. 

Re: Anxiety taking over!!

Thank you so much, to all of you for replying.

To be honest, I have a secret to having a positive attitude and it includes optimism and remaining wiht a youth's mind.. It helps thinking like a kid sometimes Smiley Happy
I don't think I ever went back to my GP after that day (thanks for pointing that out!) and I guess I really should. Most of the techniques I've learnt help me I've discovered on my own. It was only when I looked online did I realise that I'm pretty much using what websites like these suggest.
My problem is mainly, say, on the way to a football match, I would happily get ready with some butterflies but as soon as my parents said that it's time to go, my brain would switch and I would immediately be sick.

I have used Kids Helpline Online Chat once, and the person there did help to lift my spirits and show me that it is possible to overcome this.

(Only 3 and a half hours till I can eat again!!!!)

Again, thank you so much for replying to me Smiley Happy

Re: Anxiety taking over!!

Hey Emmy, wow I'm so sorry to hear you are having a tough time.


I think with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) you can use techniques like talking it out, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and mindfullness techniques.


However what you are describing are severe panic attacks, which I have just begun suffering from myself. The physiological symptoms are so intense - I wake up with a racing heart, sweating, entire upper body overheated and panicked... honestly feeling like there is a huge threat and I am going to die.


When it gets to that stage you generally need some medication - even just for the short term while you find strategies that will help. Are you able to exercise or go for a walk every day, maybe listen to some of your favourite songs? I find that helps a bit.


At the moment I have told all my friends and they have been super supportive. Yours should be too. Even if you feel crap sometimes just having someone there helps you feel safe.


Don't be ashamed if you need to take medication to feel well - it's better to do that and be able to function than be crippled by the panic attacks. If you had asthma you would take your puffer, and if you had diabetes you would take your insulin. Panic attacks are exactly the same.



Re: Anxiety taking over!!

Hi guys,


It's been a while since I've been online!!

There's been a bit going on since I last posted so I'll fill you in.


I told my parents that I'd like to see someone about how I was feeling.

I went to my GP and we talked about what is making me feel ill and the options I had, so I got some prescribed medication to take that will hopefully help.

We also talked about why my right ear keeps going red and hot.

I've never really known why, it's always my right ear and always at night or when I don't feel confident.

He explained that it was because of stress, which makes 100% sense!


Anyways, I've gotten more and more support from everyone around me, my teachers, parents, friends and all of my family.


Thanks to everyone on here who has helped me,

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next!


MAJORminor Smiley Happy

Re: Anxiety taking over!!

Hi MAJORminor!

Welcome back, it's good to hear from you and GREAT to hear that talking to your parents and GP has helped you get some useful support. Go you! Smiley Happy



Re: Anxiety taking over!!

That's awesome Majorminor!! I'm so glad talking to your parents and doctor has had a positive effect.


Keep us updated! Smiley Happy