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Re: Anxiety taking over!!

To everyone who's replied to me and helped me through this,


I successfully went to the GP and got the help I need.

I am happily not single Smiley Happy

I am also playing the sport that I love with NO anxiety!

And I can now eat whenever I want, including the previously impossible, breakfast.


To all who helped,

You are all amazing people and without you, I wouldn't be in the impeccable position I'm in.

My life will be better thanks to you guys and the work you do on this site.


I will (and already have) mention this site to EVERYONE who asks me about getting help.

Again, thank you all so much!


MAJORminor Smiley Very Happy

Re: Anxiety taking over!!

Hey @MAJORminor 


That is all wonderful news Smiley Happy I'm so glad things are getting back on track for you and you're feeling a bit better about things. Remember there's always people out there to help if you need it!