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Anxiety :(

So i have anxiety, and i just get anxious about school. And i dont know how to stop, or what to do, or anything. I just think that ill never get anything done, and that i never achieve anything. For example, i will get an assignment that is due in three weeks and my first reaction is "shit". Whilst trying to stay on top of other subjects i cant help but think ill never get this stupid assignment done. It becomes such a negative and makes me lose sleep and get upset. And really all that has happened is i have been given an assignment.

I have read all, well i think all, of the pages on this webstite and they helped but i still need more help.

Also my head hurts all the time. Like when i try to do anything it feels all crammed and sore and i cant concentrate.

Any ideas? Personal advice? anything?!

Re: Anxiety :(

Hey @012EmC

School can be so tough sometimes, believe me, I know. I am near the end of my final year of school and am beginning to feel how stressful it can really be.

Things that have helped me get through the semesters are friends and family. A support system. Are you able to get support from friends or family? Even your teachers might be able to help you out and if you feel it necessary, a school guidance counselor might be able to help you with your anxiety.

It's okay to have a first reaction of "shit" when you get an assignment but instead of thinking about this assignment do what you are doing, staying on top of your subjects.
Try placing every step of the new assignment out in front of you. Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, and so on. Then do one to two tasks every week. Even write up a loose schedule about when you'll complete different tasks.
If you're not a schedule-follower, be less specific with your schedule, give yourself two to three days, maybe even four to complete certain tasks. And if you don't complete tasks, fit them in elsewhere.

Another thing you could try is changing the deadline. If the deadline is the 6th change it to the 3rd or 2nd, or a week earlier and plan for that as your deadline so if it's not ready, you still have a few days left.

Small things like these might help you will the worry of not completing your assignment on time.

Be sure to drink plenty of water as well, it might help with your head as a lack of water could be contributing to a sore head.

Also, if you find that you can't concentrate, take a break. 5-10 minutes to gather your thoughts and then go back to what you are trying to complete.

I hope some of this helped you and good luck. I'm sorry if anything I've said has offended you at all as well.

Re: Anxiety :(

Hi there @012EmC,

You should get some good advice from other people here on ReachOut who have dealt with anxiety. There's also a good fact sheet which has some good tips for managing anxiety.

How to manage anxiety.

Do you think any of the tips mentioned there might help you?


Good luck!


Re: Anxiety :(

Hey @012EmC 

Sorry i responded to another one of your posts before.

I see you have read all the pages on here - did you find the fact sheets? If not i can link some to you OR if you have what more info do you think you need??


Do you have a school counsellor you could talk to about how you are feeling? its very normal to feel anxious about school but its godo to make sure you look after yourself as well! 



Re: Anxiety :(

Hi 012EmC!


Good on you for reaching out to help on this site! I'm sorry to hear you have anxiety, which can make school really hard. I hope you can find a way to manage it, either through this site or through reaching out to a doctor or school counsellor who can help you!


One of the problems for me with uni work is that sometimes the anxiety makes me avoid the things thats causing it- like if I'm getting anxious about the exam I might put off studying for it because I'm "too stressed"! This makes things get worse and worse as the deadline gets closer and closer and I feel more and more stressed and less and less capable of studying.


This is how I manage if I'm getting stressed; I write down all the things I'm stressing over or that I have to do. For example, watch a lecture, write an essay and do laundry. Then I make a plan for working on these things- I'll do the laundry now, and I'll watch the lecture tomorrow. I'm still feeling anxious about getting the essay done, so instead of avoiding it and watching TV (while feeling that guilty-anxious feeling in my gut) I'll get started on it right then. I might find it awful to work on but it's better than not doing it and feeling upset about it! Then if I work on it for an hour I can feel I've earned myself a break. Maybe this wouldn't work for you but at the very least I can say that writing stuff down really helps me tackle a problem one step at at time.


Some final advice- if you feel like you're struggling because the work is too hard, don't be afraid to talk to your teachers or parents and ask for extra help. Also, if the headaches are a serious issue for you and stopping you from paying attention in class, getting stuff done, or just generally interfering with your life, I would highly encourage you to see a GP. I hate having headaches and no one should have to put up with that all the time!


Best of luck and keep us updated!

Re: Anxiety :(

Hi @012EmC 


The others have given some really great advice and I hope it's been helpful for you. 


School can be a really stressful time and it's understandable the study load of school and getting assignments all the time would make you anxious. 


Like some of the others here, I have also found planning and writing to do list etc. can be really helpful to keep me organised and get less stressed, and I have friends that do the same, so I'd encourage you to give that a go, if you think it's something that will work for you. Breaking a task down into steps can also be helpful because it can make the tasks feel more achievable and less overwhelming.


Also make sure you find a balance between school work, taking breaks and doing other things you enjoy. It can feel like you've got to keep going with your school work because you've got so much to do, but having a balance can help you be more clear headed, calm and focussed when you are studying. I've had a very similar experience to you in the past and I've found that having this life balance has really helped me. It's also important to have a strong support network of people around you including friends and potentially other trusted adults, who you can talk to about what's going on if need be.


As your issue is largely with anxiety at school, a school counsellor may be a good place to go for someone to talk to about this and to give you tips to help manage your anxiety better. They may also be able to talk with your teachers or you could talk with your teachers yourself about the anxiety you are experiencing and they may be able to help you or give you extensions where need be. When I was in Grade 12 I got really stressed and anxious under the pressure and my teachers and House Head (kind of like a pastoral care/support person for us) were aware of what I was going through and this proved to be really helpful for me. 


Services like Headspace, a counsellor/psychologist, GP or online/phone services like eHeadspace or Kids Helpline may be able to provide additional support and advice on how to manage your anxiety and/or refer you to other services that can help you. 


This post is starting to get a bit long, so I'll leave it there, but if you have any more questions about how to handle your anxiety, or anything else, feel free to ask us here. 

Re: Anxiety :(

@012EmC do not fret! To deal with anxiety you must understand what it is.  Anxiety is a natural response to perceived threats and is nothing to be concerned about, in fact it has obvious evolutionary benefits! Secondly, anxiety is proportionate to your own perception of how you will deal with a problem. Either lower the perceived threat of the problem (the assignment) or raise your own confidence in your ability to handle it.  You mention the assignment - perhaps you do not see yourself as capable enough to complete the assignment? Understand you are capable and that it is nothing more than an assignment, all you can do is your best.

Individuals have different levels of anxiety and it is part of what you you.  Rather than fight it and worry about a new wave of anxiety, recognize and understand when it is coming - perhaps you feel your heart beat speed up or you start to sweat? Say "this is the anxiety" and realize it is nothing more than that.  In fact, anxiety can have benefits - many 'driven' and motivated people are also sufferers of anxiety but it is part of what spurs them on. 

Analyse your thoughts and see if they seem disproportionate to the problem.  Are you emotional reasoning? That is, are your thoughts spurred on through your emotions? if they are, they are probably exaggerated and need to be debunked.

I suffered anxiety all through middle and senior school and into first year uni.  It used to prevent me from participating in many social events and I would feel inferior and like i had a problem.  I finally got so sick of it I went to the doctor and asked for help.  I was prescribed 6 months of anti-anxiety meds that are only 1 a day and 10 free sessions with a trained psychologist. The medication helps take that edge off and makes my thoughts more cohesive but it is not personality changing.  Further I found the psychologist to be incredibly helpful and truly life changing.  Perhaps consider discussing these things with your GP also.

Honestly my pits are sweating writing this by the anxiety is part of what makes me me and what makes you you and is nothing to be worried about/ashamed of

Re: Anxiety :(

*what makes you you