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Hi everyone, 

Lately my anxiety and OCD have gotten out of control to a point where everything annoys me and I can't control my emotions. Lately, I have been flat depressed and can't find enjoyment out of anything. I find it hard to chill out and not worry. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop worrying over silly stuff and relaxing? 


Re: Anxiety

Hey @michael17 


That sounds tough. It is so frustrating when we can't stop worrying about something even though we know it's silly. I think it's something a lot of people can relate to. 


I find exercise can help me in such instances, especially cardio, something that gets my heart rate up. I've found doing challenging exercise classes (such as reformer pilates) help take my mind off things too. That's because my mind is focused on "when is this class going to END!?!?!" instead of whatever is worrying me. 


Sometimes it can be useful to set yourself a designated "worrying" time, say for example 5 - 5.30pm.  If you catch yourself worrying you can tell yourself "it is not 'worrying' time, I'll think about this at 5pm." I thought I'd share this link with you on 9 scientifically backed up ways to stop worrying.  Have a read if you feel up to it Smiley Happy


You mentioned you have a psychologist in another thread. Are you still seeing them? And if so, have they provided you with some strategies? 

Re: Anxiety

Hey @michael17  - anxiety can be so tough to manage, and first of all I want to say well done, because you're doing the best you can to manage it.

I tend to worry a fair bit too, and am happy to share some strategies that have helped me.

For example, sometimes talking out my worries with a friend is what I need to put things into perspective. Or if the experience is more intense, I might write down how I'm feeling and make a to-do list of things I need/want to accomplish by a certain time.

I'm curious - what are some strategies that have helped you in the past?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Anxiety

@Maddy-RO Thank you for responding and thank you for your strategies! I am still currently seeing my psychologist and he has given me many tips on how to combat these emotions and my OCD. Unfortunately, none of these have helped. We have discussed the use of medication. I went to the doctor on Friday and I was told that anti depressants could have a negative impact on my mood swings. They think I might I have a mood swing disorder such as cyclothymia or bipolar and I need to visit a psychiatrist. So, I will have to wait some time before the review my referral and decide what to do. 

Re: Anxiety

@letitgo Thank you for responding and sharing some of your strategies! I do write my emotions down in a journal, however, this only helps me for a few minutes. Other strategies have not helped me unfortunately. 

Re: Anxiety

Hi @michael17 


It's good to hear that your psychologist has provided you with some tips, sorry to hear they haven't helped so far. There will be people here that may be able to share some different tips that could help. It sounds like you have been seeking out lots of different support which can feel never ending, but such a positive step. I recently found listening to audio books as a way to reduce my persistent thoughts.  Thank you for sharing what has been happening, always a brave thing to do Heart 

Re: Anxiety

Hi @michael17,


First of all, I just want to say that it takes a lot to post on the forums, especially when you're not feeling great. It's fantastic that you're seeing a psychologist and you're able to have a team of professionals like your GP and potentially a psychiatrist to support you. I also want to acknowledge that you're actively trying to implement the strategies that your psychologist has taught you, I know that it's often not easy to do this. 


When we go through a period of depression, or a flat mood where we can't seem to feel good about anything, it can feel like we're never going to feel better and that nothing will help. I just want you to know that you will feel better again and that there is always hope. No matter how hopeless it seems, keep trying to implement different strategies, whether it's strategies that other users or the Reach Out Website suggest, or your psychologist and support team. 


“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down