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Anxious about GP increasing medication+Self-Esteem Issues.

Hi everyone,

 So I have GAD, Hypochondria and Obsessive thoughts as well as a few compulsions and I'm on SSRI's for my various anxiety disorders and it's been brilliant and i'm only on 10mg a low does and I have been for months and it's been great but both my GP and my Psychiatrist said that they think I should increase it to 15 mg but that really worries me for a variety of reasons


 1. I have put on 8 kg's because of the medication & I hate myself, I was already very unhappy about my weight and was trying to lose some but now I have to lose even more & I can't seem to lose any. Im scared increasing the medication will make me gain even more. I have considered not eating, which I know is a bad idea.


2. Im anxious about taking my medication in general so I hate any kind of change around it. Im afraid I will get side effects. Im especially TERRIFIED of developing Serotonin Syndrome which is deadly


3. I thought I was doing ok, I have been heaps better so I didn't think I'd need to increase it. I will admit I have still been anxious and on top of all of my other anxieties some new obsessive and intrusive thoughts have been occurring, for example I got house plants in my room and I'm afraid that they will cause me to suffocate or hurt me at night because they respire and release carbon dioxide and use oxygen. Im also afraid that putting hoodies under the door (I do this to make a barrier so spiders can't crawl under the door while I sleep, I'v been doing it for over a year) will cause me to suffocate in my sleep from a lack of oxygen. So I can see why they think we should increase it, however I have been doing much better than when I wasn't. 


Also I have been feeling really bad about myself mainly due to my weight and hips & stomach. ,  I'm a psych student so I understand how quickly it can develop into mental health issues, but I hate my body and I haven't bought new clothes in 2 years because nothing fits and I cry and have a breakdown everytime I go shopping for clothes becuase I feel increadibly fat and nothing i want fits or suits my body so I have given up. So I just cry in change rooms get in a bad mood and want to die so I just complain and go home and be miserable.


Sorry about that I just needed a rant I think. 



Re: Anxious about GP increasing medication+Self-Esteem Issues.

Hey @Alec29 sounds pretty hard, feeling for you on this one. Can relate on the weight gain re: meds I went through that myself in the past. Definitely doesn't help with the self-esteem Smiley Sad. It sounds like you're not comfortable going up in dosage. Remember it is your body and it is totally up to you whether or not you increase your medication. Do you have a counsellor/therapist outside of your Psychiatrist? I think a counsellor could be super benefiical for you in regards to the way you feel about your body and the fears you're having late at night.


You're not alone, quite a few of the members here on the forum struggle with thoughts like this at night time. Is there anything that helps soothe you at night like meditation or music, yoga etc?


Couple of resources I am keen to link you into one is Butterfly Foundation. They have a national helpline, you can even chat online Smiley Happy They can help you with this perception of your body and feeling not so good about yourself. No one should feel so heavy about themselves, we want you to love yourself. Heart Kids Helpline [click here] also is a great resource for 14-25 year olds, incredible qualified counsellors available online and on the phone. 


Quick heads up I edited some of your post due to method around eating disorders, no biggy we just need to be mindful not to trigger other members of RO. You can read all about it in the guidelines Smiley Happy